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The joys of forums !

I try and answer most when I'm on but it depends on how whingy the kids are getting !
I think that's a little out order, sometimes people don't reply because they don't know what advice to give or they feel they can't help in a given situation.


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I actually find this forum the most helpful and nicest forum I've ever been on and I've been on lots.

Like Porgeous said sometimes people just don't know what to say to help, after all we're just human :)


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Ere whats up yummy mummy??????


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Me too Chelly - I'm thinking maybe something's been removed x


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Me to, i can only c stars?????????
OMG Porgeous, those pics are fab!!!! and u have maintained for a year, well done u!! xxx:D
Hi YummyMummy

All I can see is ****** too . Did something go wrong with your message . Post again when you get the chance .


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again ... I think ****** s might mean the posts have been removed by the powers that be ........... ?


Crawling to the finish!
hey an, no I put the stars there in edit, I made a post that I later thought was getting abit controversial so reather than let it snowball I took it off :) easier trying to prevent it x

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