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Ill and can't sleep :(


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Have come down with the Lurgy :( started yesterday afternoon, all the usual sore throat blocked up sinus' and runny nose.
Its ok during the day ( work outside - so keeps airway open) but just cant sleep :( have just had a shower at 1.30am, its the only place i feel human, but can't stay in there all night.
So to let hubby sleep have come downstairs with the 4 cats, internet and cheesy xmas songs on sky, drink, vicks and tissues and douvet.

Feel thoroughly crap and hate being ill :(

*sympathy please*

( i also just wanna eat yummies and highly synfull things when ill!! - trying to resist!)
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make some syn free rice pudding up and drink chocolate options - that should fight off the cravings for a bit! The lurgy going round at the moment is awful and does seem to really run you down BUT you should be over it within a few days and get back to normal. Drink plenty of fluids - have your water hot with a slice of lemon in and plenty of vitamin C, wrap up warm and get plenty of sleep
:zz: and you'll soon feel better ;)


Less of a man each day
here's some sympathy :D


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Thanks guys........... well i got NO sleep, dozed for a couple of hours maybe, then it was time to get up for work. Working outside was ok, could breathe out there. but back indoors til 5pm and head feels like its going to explode! If i could just cut my head off..........


Less of a man each day
I'm sure cutting your head off may seem like the answer but i'm fairly sure it would cause more problems than it would potentially solve.

Dose yourself up on lemsip, only .5 syns a time. Works quite well for me. I also leave the bedroom window open on the vent to get some air in as the stuffyness of an enclosed and warm house doesn't help.


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am on the beechams all in one, really dont care about how many syns are in it! its medicine. Yeah thought maybe cutting off head might cause more problems!
i know how u feel i've had it this week
:grouphugg:hope u feel better soon :)
Mind you, and obviously only if you weren't already at target, cutting your head off would be quite good for weight loss. Just a thought.

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