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Im a complete muppet....


Will be thin god dammit!!
100% for 3 days and then today have eaten 2 yorkshire puds and 2 jam tarts!!

Ive done lighter life before for 9 weeks so i know i can do this :(
How badly will i have affected my first weigh in on wednesday people?
I officially have 0 willlpower:cry:
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Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Unfortunately you can't take it back, all you can do is dust yourself off and try again tomorrow.
You can do this hun, you really can, you just need to persevere and say no.
Your weight loss might not be the greatest this week considering you ate carbs, but don't fret, you feel bad for eating so that's a good sign and a bigger incentive for you to keep going and being 100%.

Hugs for you hun xxx
Moomin, im guessing you will still have a good loss huni, dont get downhearted and think you have ruined your weigh in so you may as well give up. Stay strong and stay 100% drink all your water to flush the carbs out! Good luck huni xx
I think you'll still have a good loss and if it's not as big as you wanted then you'll make up for it the following week!

Just remind yourself that no amount of puds or jam tarts are worth how ya feel now!!
We've all been there Moomin - so don't worry. It is probably unrealistic to think you can be 100% all of the time. I know I couldn't but as long as I am 100% most of the time I feel really proud of myself. Maybe you will not drop 4 or 5 lb this week - perhaps it will only be 1 or 2. That is still a good loss, and better off than on as they say. I'm sure you will have lost and be proud of yourself for each achievement. 3 days of 100% is good and some people never achieve that - you have. It does get easier when you see the weight coming off - very motivational! Take care.


Will be thin god dammit!!
Thanks girls - back on track now and dont wanna feel as deflated as i did again so a pretty good lesson learned guess!!
Who knows eh? but at long as it was just a blip and you've got right back on the wagon you should be fine. I would still predict a great first week for you!

I've had a terrible weekend having been racked with pain, extra meds didn't make any difference at all and I've barely moved from the sofa or my bed. I had some Parma ham and a little cheese each evening, didn't actually enjoy it much but really felt that I needed the solid protein and that was what my pharmacist told me to have when I spoke to her on Saturday. Am still very much in ketosis, cos no carbs, and a lb or so lighter than Friday. Hopefully the weather is going to dry up a bit and so my arthritis will ease.

99% is good......100% will be better!

Good luck for the weigh in and stay strong this week......:D


Will be thin god dammit!!
Thanks Sandra - hope your feeling better, why did i have to blip with food that has carbs!!!
We have all done it (mine was crisps).... This diet is blerdy hard!! Don't beat yourself up about it hun.. New day, new start.. You will get there hun x x x
weird but I don't crave carbs at all....(had a jolly good sniff when Paul made beans on toast for his tea last night - he's learning bless him x) but only want savoury stuff. Even then it doesn't taste like I think it should?????:confused:

PS the large box of Lindor that I bought him last Monday is still sat on the coffee table, he has 2 every night.......they ARE MY FAVORITE CHOCS :sigh:


Will be thin god dammit!!
OMG Sandra - how are you avoiding those Lindors!! You star
OMG Sandra - how are you avoiding those Lindors!! You star
TBH it would only take one and then I think that I'd be well and truly 7ucked! Even Paul can't have just one he says that YOU JUST HAVE TO HAVE 2!!!! I think it's a new law that he's made up......

I'm feeling a bit down at the moment but I keep telling myself that eating wouldn't make me feel any better......gonna go out soon and drive to the garden centre, have a wander around and pick up some more bulbs.....will avoid the tea rooms at all costs!


Will be thin god dammit!!
Good idea - take your mind off it all x


Fighting for My Health
OMG, how can you only even just have 2 Lindor! A box would last one, max 2 evenings in this house (with just me in it!). Guess that's why I got as fat as I did! :eek:

It is irritating isn't it? He still wears the same size jeans that he wore 20 years ago......doesn't have any real interest in food and has no patience for people who are overweight. His view is why don't they just eat less? Simples:(

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