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Im back and found my Mojo !!! yeahhhhhhhhh ;-)


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
Ok so i went off the rails but it has tought me the biggest lesson ever ITS JUST NOT WORTH IT !! i want to be slim more than anything ever

it has cost me dearly to the tune of 9lbs damage but i tell u what girls ill never ever ever ever go off track again !!! i was sick after eating ive had tummy cramps cant believe all the crappy food made me feel ill! well actually its a good thing as like i said its taught me a lesson ......

booze & midnight bbqs sounds fun but not as fun as the thought of me in a slinky black dress at xmas!!:D:D:D:D

:D:D:Dwelcome back mojo!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D
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Say it in Dr Evil style!!
thanks hun ....yep im back with all my usuall positivity im spured on by something atm gunna show them i can do this!! i just cant wait to she thier faces!!!........

right now off to take the kiddos to playgroup xx

thanks for all your support and messgaes over the last few days sorry if i didnt reply xxxx
well done - so pleased your back on it you can do this !!!
as i read a lot on here

"Nothing taste as good as being Slim feels "

Good luck and i am sure most of that 9lbs will be off on your next WI!


Full Member
Hey great to see you back. It's a cliché but we do learn from those mistakes and sometimes those who make mistakes and learn from them learn more than those who never encounter their mistakes. Huh, I should so practice what I preach!!! lol

Hugs to you xxxx (was asking after you this morning!)


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Welcome back Jo-Jo! Glad to see you're feeling back to your usual positive self! Those 9lbs will fall off in no time. I might have to try and make it down to Celtic Manor at Christmas to see you in that slinky black dress ;)
as said before Jo... I know you can do this....
well done for getting back on the wagon, your 9lb will be gone in a flash!!



Strong women stay slim
Well done !
I know its nice to be slim for looking and feeling good , all them lovely clothes !
We will have food back in our lifes , just a few changes I guess and an odd blow out from time to time .
Welcome back


Stubborn tortoise
Welcome back Mojo, we have missed ya honey.



Loving losing
Welcome back Jo-Jo...don't panic about the 9lbs, they will disappear so quickly as will the rest of you and you will be a skinny minnie in no time. You show 'em!!! :)

Good to have your positivity back too - we missed you! :)



always struggling
Hiya hun, welcome back and so glad you are back on track. Its nice when we can catch up especially when we have our little blips and face our demons..... boy oh boy :devilangel:

I know just how you feel - I have been off the wagon all good intentions went to pot and I have come back 3lb back on but more temptations in my way over the next 2 weekends. I am going to try and be good as best I can then aim for 100% and really really want to do this and WILL do the challenge :eek::ignore::ignore::ignore::ignore:

You go girl and I will keep watching and eventually will be there with you and all the other fantastic loosers - you can do this xx;)
Im so glad you are back Jo we have missed you as you can tell by all the posts and do you know what you have shown amazing strength coming back on after putting 9 on - cos some would say oh the diet was awful and it wasnt for me - but you have come back to start again and it takes a special kind of person that can do that.

WELL DONE YOU I am proud of you and that 9 will be gone in no time xxx


welcome back! Good to see you are feeling much more chipper!


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
aww girls wat a welcome back ....nothings gunna defeat me now live & learn aye .....had a total 100% day roll on next tuesday so i can jump on thoose scales & say boo to thoose 9lbs!!


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Yay! :bliss: Welcome back Jo!

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