Fit and flirty at 30 - My weight loss journal!


S: 12st10lb C: 12st10lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 34.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
"It is possible to wear a fancy frock and not look like a bouncy castle!!"
oh dear..i seem to be part of that annoying clique! The ones who make New year resolutions, vow to change for the better and then fail miserably a few months in!..yep..sounds a lot like me!

With my 30th birthday looming ever closer (June 2019) i need to make some big changes in the last months of my 20s to make sure that i have as much chance as possible of achieving that! But then i look down and im greeted with the mother of all overhangs..after 2 c sections my stomach isnt what it used to be! Ive destroyed my body by not being able to give birth naturally :( its going to take a lot to try and minimise the kangaroo pouch as much as possible!

Ive spent the majority of my adult life on various diets! I started my first diet when i was 14, kids can be evil creatures and i often found myself the butt of people's cruel jibes and jokes, i successfully got to 9 stone, chuffed and skinnier from 11 stone.

After i left school i started college, my weight slowly crept up but i still mamaged to maintain my 9 stone 13lb svelteness! I then met my current partner when i was 20, i was finally content after so many years of feeling that i didnt fit in! Slowly my weight ballooned to 11 stone again :( i was distraught!! But had a lot of reassurance from my other half! I got pregnant with our first in 2011, a boy! By June 2012 he was born and my weight returned to 11 stone after gaining 2 stone during pregnancy.

We then move to 2017, i fall pregnant again with my daughter! It was a horrific pregnancy studded with health problems! I was diagnosed with obstetric cholestatis when i was 31 weeks, then i was diagnosed with cytomegalovirus, which is like the coldsore virus that lies dormant in your system, when you're infected with it your body builds up antibodies to it! Being pregnant of course lowers your immune system so the virus reawakens! Causes havoc and of course gives you a chance of baby being born with problems with their sight or hearing! :/ she's 1 next month!

Looking back at old pictures makes me cringe! My current weight is 11 stone 9lb! I have 2 stone to lose and a lot of excess flab to get rid of! I will be giving my slimming world diet a dust off and getting back on it! Its the only diet that has proven successful for me! With two kids i dont have the time to weigh and measure everything down to the gram! I just like to be able to throw my food on the plate and chow down! Lol!

Hopefully i will be fit and flirty by the time i hit 30 ;)

- Danii
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