I'm back once and for all!


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Some may remember me from last year. I started on the Cambridge s/s diet last year and lost over 4 stone on it.

I gave it up due to personal reason and i have stupidly just ate non stop since and put back all the weight plus some. :break_diet:

Well i am having counselling for my eating and other things and now feel i am in the right place to get back on the diet and loose this weight forever.

In a strange way i think it has done me good putting on the weight because it has open up my eyes to how unhealthy i really feel. Before when i was overweight i thought i looked ok and was healthy enough but you dont realise until you loose it then but it back on again that your body isnt right and it doesnt feel good.

So i look forward to sharing my journey with you.

I have started the diet this morning and drinking plenty of water, had 1 shake but the hunger pains are starting to kick in now but i wont give in! :cry:
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Well done you!!! I am trying to re-start but keep falling of fthe wagon by the end of the day. Silly cos I know if I can get past 3 days I will be well away. You sound in the right place to really go for it now..

Good luck and I hope I get on that road with you now!!

P.s. not really sure how this chat thingy works so bear with me lol!


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Good luck, I know exactly how you feel but you will feel even better when you have got through the first week and beyond as you now know what is waiting for you at the other side of it.

Thats whats keeping me motivated.


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Hey yummymummy I'm in the same boat, wasn't easy swallowing my pride & coming back but here I am & I'm going to do it right this time!!!!!!
Good luck hun xx


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I know it sounds awful but I am so glad that other people from last year are on here too - i feel much less lonely and less of a failure! I am sure that we can do this. I regret taking my eye off of the ball but am glad that I have taken the bull by the horns and started again.

I lost 3.5 stones last year between March and June and have managed to put 1.5 back on - half a stone over Christmas.

If I am honest with myself I took my eye off of the ball in July last year and never really got it back.

I am finding it fine all week when I am in a routine but the weekends have been terrible. I have lost 7lbs in the last 3 weeks but have ss+ Monday - Friday then found myself scoffing cheese and sneaking sweets at the weekends. I am driving myself mad!!!

Maybe we can try and keep each other on the straight and narrow?

Good luck everyone - we can do this........................


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I remember you YummyMummy!!! I went off the rails a little due also to personal problems.....but luckily didnt put a lot back on. We CAN do this and get to target!!! xx