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I'm back!

Hello all!! I am sorry I've not been around-I have been peeking every now and then, but it has taken me this long to actually get my act into order and start...so here I am: officially a wemitt, with much weight to lose, officially on The Cambridge Diet (sole source). I know there may be a diary page,forum thingy-so please forgive me for taking up lots of space-I just headed for what I consider 'home'! So far I feel fine,I imagine it will get harder,before it get's easier again.I am sipping the water, I am scared of getting too sloshy too quickly.
I just have a couple of questions,hope that's ok...
1. is it only the tablet form of sweeteners we are allowed to use? Why?!
2.Can I use other forms of stock rather than the savoury drink thing that I know LL does-I hate the soups, but will miss a savoury taste,and it would be much easier if there was an equilivent thing out there.
3. I know about the breathe thing that will hit soon-are there any mints I can have? I know I can use spray and mouth wash, just wondering...
Thankyou very much-see you all soon.xx
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Serial Foodie!
hello. just wanted to welcome u back and to say good luck.

all i can help with is saying yes, we r only allowed tablet sweetners but i dont know why. i just follow the rules, dnt make em :eek:

i love the soups and dont know anything about that question, sorry.

i think u can have those blue strip thingies for breath freshening. cant remember what u call them so im a bit useless really. someone else will be better informed and im sure will post shortly

good luck xxxx


I STILL mean it!
Try the soup made into a pancake. E mail me iof you don't know how to do it. Cambridge also do a savoury drink mix, and I have always used Marigold Bouillon. Welcome back, and write as much as you like, we love hearing from you.
Ann x
Hi there,

I really can't stand the savoury drink mix, makes me heave. I have a new packet at home sitting in the cupboard looking for love. If you want it it's yours ...
Hi daydreambeliever welcome back, you can use the breath strips (sugar free) and most people use marigold bouillon without any probs, but maybe only use the extras after your initial 2 weeks?
Also I'm not certain about why we can only use the tablet sweeteners maybe it is to stop us accidentally over indulging? but like Karen says we don't make the rules we just follow them LOL

Hope to see you in here often xx
Many thanks for all your replies. I really appreciate the minty strips and marigold boullion tips! Ijust wanted to know if I was obliged to buy everything from CD so thanks. Also, my sweeteners question was just to know if I needed to carry my own, or be able to use the little sachet thingys in the cafes...;)
SO, coming to the end of my first day: developed an atrocious headache mid afternoon-nothing an aspirin and pint of water couldn't sort out.And then,was really,REALLY hungry about half an hour ago, so coffee and yet more water!! I WILL GET THROUGH THESE TOUGH THREE DAYS!!!! How was everyone's day? xx


Serial Foodie!
u absolutely will get thru it! good attitude. i hope u hurry into ketosis and sail thru til weigh in! good luck xxxx


Serial Foodie!
thanks westhill. i ordered 5 and they arrived last week. now i just need to know how to make the porridge...any recipes most welcome!


I STILL mean it!
Debbie (russiandoll) is our expert on that! e mail or pm her, and I'm sure she'll have the answer to any question you may have. I have a recipe for a savoury pancake and a dessert (which also uses gelatine) If you'd like these, just e mail me.
Ann x
I am so excited- I managed to do one whole day of SS!!!:D
I know it seems silly,as I have many many many days of SS to go,it's just it was my first one,and I have had so many false starts-so... hooray!!
I am a bit sleepy this morning-many loo runs through the night!!
I like banana flavoured shakes... and butterscotch and choc mint!! Anyone else started very recently? Anything I need to be prepared for? Please, come keep me company!!


Serial Foodie!
u arent silly to be impressed with urself for finishing day 1. its great u got thru it. this is no easy option diet so be pleased with urself!!! u will feel that tenfold at ur first weigh in. especially when u'll be in ketosis and full of energy with great skin as well!

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