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I'm being a pig!!

HELP!!!!! I haven't really lapsed as I've stuck to what I'm allowed,but I can't seem to stop eating!! It's very odd, I just can't stop eating lots of fruit and yoghurt. The internal chatterbox is going mad..."but it's healthy" and argued with "but I'm not hungry". Even my protein portions are huge. I just want to taste everything again. I feel fat and horrible, but haven't gained so I can't be going too far wrong. How do I get my thoughts back on track? I feel like I've forgotten all the stuff I have learned and I'm losing the plot! :cry:

I'm even tempted to not finish the RTM and go to WW. Grrrr, what is wrong with me?!
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I have LS, thanks for ur reply! I think that phrase, "eyes bigger than your belly" springs to mind! I'm trying to stick to blueberries, raspberries and satsumas. I'm having some 0% greek yoghurt on them and I'm enjoying Mullerlight too. I suppose at least it's not Chinese or cake!! xxx
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Hi K

Yesterday I was very much like you described. Nothing off plan - but lots of fruit and yogurt.....same chatterbox. I did feel hungry a lot of the day though.

I don;t know how you are doing your schedule, but I realised, I was having my 2 packs at the end of the day as I have always had all packs in the evening - so it was a habit to save my 2 shakes for ice cream. I was then having lots of salad thru the day, more fruit then I should, etc. Just because we "can" I think.

I was feeling the last couple of days, even though theres no fat in anything I am eating - I was feeling food in my tummy and I didn;t really like it. I realised it felt like too much food. It probably wasn't - but, it felt like it, so I realised I am doing this backwards!

I should have my packs first in the day - because at the end of the day, I am not really hungry so shouldn;t have them, and have missed one or two. So in theory - I shouldn;t be so hungry in the afternoon/evenings if I reverse it. So thats what I did today.

And it made a huge difference. Have not felt peckish or "pickish".

DOn't beat yourself up hon - this whole experience of RTM is the time to learn. SPeak to your LLC - she surely has seen this more, if both you and I at about the same time felt the same and behaved the same.

Remember duirng development, many of us would worry about making mistakes, but the reality is, like learning any new skill - there are going to be slip ups. The important thing is to recognise them and develop an alternate plan. Certainly not to give up. Tell yourself now that is not an option - you have worked far too hard to do that.

Lets see how we do on the scales this week.

I think just having food in my tum - that feeling alone makes me feel all fat, all over again. But I swiftly tell myself that is not possible. 10 stone have not come back on because I ate an extra pear or two. lol. But I think this kind of paranoia is naturally expected initially...and probably a good thing to have - in realistic quantity.

As said - it was not cakes. And even if you should go up a pound or whatever - you know it can come off again.....allow yourself some room for error, knowing you can correct it. That should alleviate some of the pressure you may be putting on yourself. I know I have been, but I catch myself and stop it.

You'll be OK. You're going to do it. You are a success.

S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
The packs do go down as the weeks go on - but for the first 5 or 6 weeks we are still on 2 packs a day.

I presume that is because the food selections are limited and added to gradually so we must not be able to get all the nutrients we need based on what we can select and having just one meal a day. Plus snacks. But you really don;t get everything that way.

Thats my take on it anyway. 4 ounces of protein a day is not much...so it must be supplemented byt he packs?
Hi CG - you could have a valid point about the dreaded TOTM. The problem with me is, due to the mirena coil I have fitted, the periods I do have are erratic so I don't know when I'm due on, if at all! So it's hard to tell. But think I'll start keeping a diary to see if there's a pattern, thank u!!

Do you know, you sounds exactly like me BL! I have the same problem with the food packs. I have a shake for my breakfast and save my bar until the evening because that's the habit I got into whilst in abstinence. I find that I'm not actually hungry of an evening, so what do I do...I eat even thought my body is telling me it doesn't really want anything. I think, you have found my solution. I'm going to restructure my day and have my bar when I am hungry (usually mid-afternoon!) rather than for the sake of it and see how that goes.

I am looking forward to getting started with week 5 on Tuesday as I will be able to throw some homemade soup together and have a small bowl before my evening meal which should fill me up a little more, rather than causing me to eat too much protein.

I am not glad you are feeling fat the same as I do BL, but it is reassuring that I am not alone in these nonsense thoughts!

As ever, it is always far more beneficial for me to come here. You guys are great! My LLC is just a joke at times! I don't know how i'd get through all this without you all :)

Found this tonight which I found quite interesting. Don't know if it's any use to any of you?
The F-factor Diet: Discover the ... - Google Book Search


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I think we are all experiencing this problem!!! I know I've been the same but my vice is sugar free jelly... I can't leave it alone!! I've excelerated this week and started week 5 yesterday after 4 days of week 4. I'm going to Germany next week and wanted to have as many chioces as possible to make staying on the plan achievable. I have made a veggie soup today so I'm hoping that being able to have this as a snack will help. I also feel that I'm always gonna have a greedy streak so I know I have to use my self control and make sure that I don't do greedy too often and on the wrong things. Don't forget this is all trial and error and we will get it wrong sometimes!!! Don't be so hard on yourself Kaalin.
That's me all over Bex!! I know I'm too hard on myself at times. It is reassuring to know that others experiencing this problem also. Lets face it, we must all have that greedy streak or we'd never have got to the weights we got to in the first place!

That said, I feel a lot more positive today. I don't blame you for accelerating to week 5. I'm looking forward to officially having 2 meals a day as this last two weeks I've been taking a small salad to keep me going at work during the day and I've felt like I'm cheating even though it's one of my snacks. I'm looking forward to having some soup as it was one of the things that kept me straight in my WW days :) If you have any nice recipes for soup, would love to hear about them xx

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