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im disgusted with myself and now i feel sick!!


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i dont know where it came from but ive just binged on half a jar of nutella and 2 packets of mini chocolate hob nobs (they are 6 syns a packet). just goes to prove once again that i cant have any chocolate in the house at all, the mini hob nobs i thought i would be able to have them as my night time treat with them only being 6 syns for 5 buscuits (i think) and my oldest wanted me to buy her nutella but know its all gone:( at a whooping 26 syns for half the jar:eek:

got my oldest starting school tomorrow and im really nervous about her going so i think ive just subconsciously had a comfort binge:eek:

im sooo angry with myself:mad:
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Oh Jane, you poor thing.
The good news is that you have recognised and admitted your behaviour and can now think of ways to stop it happening again :)


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We've all done it! Sometimes you just need to have a good munch! Just get back to it tomorrow and accept that you're weight loss may not happen this week but it should next week!
Don't be angry with yourself, my sisters are stick thin and they have the odd day when they eat all the chocolate in sight, only goes to serve that as long as your consistent 90% of the time you can have your treats 10% of the time!


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S: 14st4lb C: 14st4lb G: 10st3lb BMI: 36.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanks i feel rotten about myself but as you said i have recognised it and ive posted it on here for the world to see lol, ive got WI on tuesday morning too :( but i had only used 3 syns today before my binge so i can take 12 syns off my whooping 38 syn binge which takes that down to 26 and then my 15 syns for monday will take it down to 11 syns but over the week i havnt used the full 15 syns each day so hopefully the remaining 11 will be covered and ill be ok on tuesday for WI eek!!!!
dont worry honey - just draw a line under it - ive been bad myself this weekend - and now ive got to really be good again until weigh day!

It happens to us all - but at least you have synned it, and havnt let it get out of hand any further.



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Hi Jane like everyone has said we've all done it. Don't be angry with yourself at least it's out your system. I've been terrible this week and am dreading WI on Tuesday.

Anyway I think confessing helps, kind a draws a line under it so you can move on :rolleyes:

Good luck with your WI and hope the first day at school goes well :D xx


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Don't be angry with yourself, you're only human and Nutella is delish!

SW have this amazing concept called flexible syns, basically it's their way of telling you to take the pressure off yourself.

They recognise that when people have a blow-out, they then think that there's no point bothering for the rest of the week/month/year because they've ruined their diet.

So they say if you go over your syns, by however much, you haven't let anyone down, take the pressure off, stop being so hard on yourself and just go back to food optimising again straight away.

They also say that there's no need to limit syns before or after because that means that some people are more prone to having another blow-out, though you can of course if you know you can stick to it.

Just search "flexible syns" on the website for full info, I only discovered this the other day, it's such a relief to be given permission to forgive yourself! xx
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Please don't be angry with yourself.
As others have said, draw a line under it, get yourself back on track and move on.
We've all had these kind of 'events' but, it was just one day, not a lifetime.:gen126: