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i'm getting a puppy ~ name help please


soon to be skinny minnie
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Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
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What breed??? xxx
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We've always had pets, when the kids were younger it was rabbits & guinea pigs. My daughter always chose the names she called our rabbit after her best friend at creche, Heather. Now we've moved on to cats & she choses names from Friends, we've got Phoebe & Mike unfortunately Joey & Monica are no longer with us. So I suggest chosing a name from your favourite tv program.

Don't forget to show us photo's & let us know his name. I'm very excited for you I just love pets :D
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that just made me laugh seeing the suggestion of Archie, only purely because i have a cat called that!!


Gin and tonic please!
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Aww! I'd love a dog.


My sister's dog is Archie!
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ooo pet names, i always stuggle, there are some good websites with pet names if you put it in google.
I like Benji or Alfie x


Slow but sure....
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Sam, Ben, Harry, George etc......I like 'proper' names for dogs, but it does depend on the colour and the face of your puppy, you'll know what to call him when you see him I'm sure, good luck with him.


I will succeed!!!
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Awwww! How exciting!

Some ideas of names I like for dogs:

-Blue (sounds weird but we had a border collie called Blue and it was a great name)
- Elvis (friend has a dog called Elvis and it always make me chuckle)
- Gizmo
- Taz
- Pirate (I wanted to call one of our cats Pirate but OH said no, but agreed to Noodle & Gadget...lol!!!)
- Neo

As you can see I like some daft pet names...


I will succeed!!!
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"Deefer " great name

when asked why deefer you can say "D fer dog " LOL!

We had a cat called Ceefa for this very reason! My sister named her. She was so cute and lived til she was 21 bless her heart. x


I will succeed!!!
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Brill !! our ragdolls are called Darcy and Willow..

*Ragdolls are a cat breed, just in case you thought I had actually gone nutty !! or well nutty- er LOL!

Phil x

Phil x
I LOVE ragdolls! They're so fluffy and cute! Don't worry...I knew you weren't mad as I HEART cats...as you know...you've called me crazy cat lady before now.

As for dog names...just thought of another couple:

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ooh i love ragdoll cats !! my mate had a cat called cooking fat ( a spoonerism !!)

another griend had a dog called Gus which really suited him til one day she was in the park shouting GUS sit then realised how it sounded !!
Always remember..........

A 'cute' or topically funny name might seem like a good idea but......

The name you give your dog, is the name you will be screaming at the top of your lungs across the park..........for many years to come!!!

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