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Im going to have a Hypnoband 'Probably'

Well before my ww journey this time I had booked a gastric band consultation.
This is as Im 40(41 in october) and have yoyoed since I was 18 .......22 years of losing large chuncks of weight and gaining,mentally it gets much harder every try.
I do feel I am doing well this time,I remember when I was 22 I lost 3 stone for my wedding and after I lost it I just went back to how I ate before,not for comfort just got complaciant,now I just am in the mindset that I want to keep this off,I have yoyoed for many reasons,voilent father,alcholic ex husband 8 years infertility treatment,family issues,personal painful things,cheating partner,loneliness,depression but now I see food for comfort makes me more depressed in the low mood sort of way notthe clinically depressed way I was.
I am in week 21 of ww I count the weeks as its habit form cambridge and lighterlife,but I still have 5 stone to go,I know this will take prob 18 more months and god some days are tough,I will clip go off plan and I hope I can get back on it but I have researched meet people know people who have has gastric surgery,I researched it for 2 years beofre booking an appointment,know the risks ,know we have to do plan as we are now and know bands dont always work.
I just feel I need something to stop me regaining? I am below BMI 40 now so they may say no or they will probably say yes as my weight history.
Does anyone feel the same as me?
Thanks x
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hey honey

its really hard for me to comment cos i am only 23...what I would say is that its quite probable that your bmi is not high enough to warrant one now....as to whether they would allow you one ...if you paid privately im sure they would,,,after all a couple of celebs who did not appear to have huge masses of weight to lose have had them.

You will know much more about it than I do so please excuse my ignorance....you need to assess what sort of impact it will have on other areas of your life....recovery time pipped against work/family committments and all sorts of other considerations im sure.

maybe im young and naive but i think its such a drastic step...however, im certain I would feel the same as u if in 15 years time I am still yo yoing with my weight and it has transformed so many ppl's lives and given them a life they never had.

I dont know about waiting lists etc or if its privately done it wouldnt be long but quite possible that by the time the op comes around you have only a small amount of weight left to lose.

I too have tried LL in the past and I just couldnt do it. I felt physically sick and mentally depressed so i have so much respect for ppl that can do it.

Im sure that whatever decision you come to will be the right one for you...in conclusion (lol) if the reason is more because you want that weight off quicker dont do it..your doing really well and I have faith that u can do it on your own...however if its more about the maintaining aspect then its true it is an option to bear in mind....what u also would think about is if (and of course i dont know whether a lot of these 'triggers are still present in ur life) a lot of your emotional triggers which u describe in ur past are not an issue anymore i.e. ex partners fertility treatment etc it may be that your in a place in your life when there is no reason , emotionally, 4 u not to maintain...though as we all know too well, unfortunately we never know what is around the corner.

I hope u dont take offence to any of my post, just all speculation really and as i say i know nothing about gastric bands so my opinion is ignorant.....I do hope u r ok though, might b wrong but sensing you've been a little discontent recently, i know u had a little gain for no reason few weeks back , but i see u are properly back on track with good losses in which case i'll shut up lol

chantelle xx
Thankyou hun for your lovely thoughtful words ,Im having a few emotional problems atm so I think its making me wobble but I hope I can lose the weight and keep it off thanks alot :eek:xxx:D


Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
Hey, I don't know much about the gastric band cos i'd be too scared personally.

But a good friend of mine has tried for years to be accepted for one!

She has now been to a hynotherapist and he has hypnotised her to think she has had the gastric band and TBH i was skeptical(sp) but it really seems to be working........£190.00 for 2 sessions! She says she can't even finish a full meal.....she just picks at things....she also feels like she has had the op but not with any dodgy side effects....she gets an itchy belly!! which she didnt get before.!!!

Strange but true.......she is about 28 stone and in her 1st 10 days after the hypno she had lost 18 lbs!!! and she has a newfound love of swimming and does it every other day!!!

I'm so proud of her and will wait to see how she gets on and seriously consider it myself!

they can hypnotise you for different things...she had the option of gastric band, to think that choc/crisps/takeaways were rank rotten, portion control etc.....but i think the gastricband ones amazing!! and at a fraction of the cost!!.



plodding away
I've seen some good reports on the hypnotism for gastric bands too but dont know anyone who has actually had it done.

Cherry I know what you mean about the maintaining worries and still having moments when you want the band. I feel the same, as you know I have said this is the last time I am putting myself through this weight loss process, if I dont do it this time I am def having a band and will have to pay for it. The bmi limit is not so strict in private clinics although it does have to be over 35 I think.

The thought of losing all the weight and then putting it back on just fills me with dread, I just couldnt go throught it all again. Like you I am hoping I can carry on and lose the weight without surgery and keep it off with lifestyle changes and plod on I will, but I'm still keeping the old band in the back of my mind just in case.
wow shlinz in a sense that sounds too good to be true but to be fair there are so many hypnotists around if it was all a load of nonsense then they wouldnt get any business would they and globally it wouldnt be a tried and tested method........I suppose it also depends on the person as well as to whether or not it will work...but hey i'd pay £190 to trick myself into thinking that takeaways and junk are rancid! i just love food (and eating) too much!! lol xx
Thanks guyz
You made me think and in January I contacted the isle of Wight Hynoband lady was going to go but couldn't get a sitter, so if I can get money together I will see if she's available next month and try it, I have 5 stone to lose and I hope it would keep
me focused , can't remember how
much she was £200 I think over 4 sessions in a week, I may look for her old emails.
Thanks for your support (((hugs))) xxxx. :)
I just thought i would add in that, on demand (not sure if you have that?) there is a program called extreme slimmers that is about people who have had weight loss surgery. Might be worth a watch if you can, i watched it yesterday x
I havent heard about it either and would appreaicte it very much if you gave us more details regarding this extreeme slimmers plus it sounds good.


Need To Downsize!
i have thought along the lines of the Gastric band and decided to try to do it the natural way and re train my self into accepting smaller portions, on a personal note i dont think i could handle the surgery side of things, (maybe its a man thing)
I do like the sound of the hypnotist over the band as theres no surgery to overcome and @ around £200 it sound a much better option, but this is my thoughts only you can decide the best option for yourself, i hope you can come to a decision and wish you all the best whichever way you decide


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wow that hypnotherapist stuff sounds amazing, ive never really thought about it before? & it sounds quite cheap considering what you get out of it!
Thanks guys :)
Well I emailed her and she sent me a reply that she now charges £300 for the 'operation' over 4 sessions,then £45 for each sesson needed after that which is about the going rate.There was a women who had th same procedure in spain she usd to be on my facebook friends and it did work for her but she pay something like £1000 as it was with a guy who first introducd it to this country but he held his clinics in spain.
I have had slight hynothearpy for something else it was ok I just couldnt take to the ladies voice but it was so relaxing.
If I can find the money (oH selling house) then I may go for it.
I do feel surgery isnt for me like you BD I hate surgery had alot for womens things and I dont want to have to go through it again unless for a needed reason.
Ive had hypnotherapy recently (well one session, second ones tonight). Rather than over eat for comfort i tend to turn to booze (im not an alcoholic by any means but once i open a bottle i want to finish it etc etc!) I want to feel satisfied with less booze and also want to tackle some of my dieters mentality (ie. ive had something bad now, oh well, the rest of the days written off, may as well eat what i want). So i thought id try hypnotherapy.

Ive found after only one session things have changed a bit. I challenged myself to half what I usually drink and Ive achieved it, having 1 and a half bottles of wine this week instead of the usual 3 in a week :rolleyes:. I drove to a meal and didnt drink (unheard of) and above all i have felt content with just having one glass, so im over the moon. I wouldnt like to say im "cured" yet but am hoping with a few more sessions i might be! Im going to ask her to focus on some food issues i have as well.

So after all that rambling, if your still with me, i would recommend hypnotherapy :eek:
lol ;) yes Im totally with you,I had hypno last year for travelling anxiety and it was good but couldnt take to the ladies voice so I didnt have it again,it wasnt deep hypnothearpy but it made me use techniques I didnt have before.
I would have the hypnoband in a flash but its £300 so I cant until I have the money needed.
I hope you continue to get good results,I hardly drink father an alcholic and ex husband that puts me off I sometimes have a couple at weekends,but I know what you mean about having something off plan then feeling you blew it and then blowing the whole day thats what keeps me within my points as I know as soon as I go over I tend to binge,which Im more inclined to avoid as the months go on.
Do you know if we have hypno for one thing ,then want it for something else would it make the first thing come back
ie if you had it for the drinking then it worked then went to have it for weight loss would it effect the drinking again? I have always wondered this silly question but Id like to know xx
I must admit it was sooo weird when she started talking! When she was talking to me before she was really normal, then she started the hypno and went into a really weird voice where all her words were elongated!! I was so cynical at first, thought i was going to burst out laughing but as time went on i did fall under her spell so to speak.
Thats a good reason not to drink hun, sounds like youve had a rough ride. Thing is with me, i know i can do it. Was pregnant and didnt drink for 9 months and was just fine.

Oooh im not sure about the two things and whether they counteract each other. Ive told her id like to address food and alcohol areas and she didnt say we couldnt address both so im hoping that wont happen. Its all about having a word with your subconscious i guess isnt it.

Ive yo-yoed for so many years with my weight now, put on about 6 1/2 stone when pregnant and am still trying to get the rest of it off. Its bloody hard isnt it.

I hope you get your money soon hun so you can give it a go ;)
lol yes the same as me I was trying not to laugh at her and then just thought your paying for this so relaxed,I kept thinking am I hypnotised then it was over,over active mind haha
Drinkings a habit my best friend she drinks a bottle of wine a night destresses her but she stopped as her mum became very ill with terminal cancer,I think you'll do it and lose the weight ;)
Ive had a naff life lol given to me for a reason ,this last weeks been hell but I am losing this weight and not comfort eating again.
I put on a load of weight with my forst and second daughters so know how you feel I tired 8 years for my first and was scared Id lose her so hardly moved my arse hahaha she 15 next week,my youngest my 3rd daughter I hardly gained anything was working but it was after I had her I gained and lost yoyoed for 5 years bad 14+ stone on and off ,youd think at 40 Id learn that yoyoing has made me miserable.
Let me know how hypno goes love to know how well it works :)
xx Cherry
i'm loving the pics moving by themselves!!!!!
hey hun, had my second hypno session last nite and seemed to go really deep this time, at one point i think i was asleep! haha. Will have to see how it goes, shes going to look at food issues next week so looking forward to that.

Pregnancies are nightmares for weight gain arent they? I want another loads but would like to get some more weight off first.


will try harder !!
Hi, A friend of mine is a life coach and does hypno and is just looking into doing the training for the gastric band therapy, I'm skeptical but thinking of offering myself as a guinea pig !!
hey hun, had my second hypno session last nite and seemed to go really deep this time, at one point i think i was asleep! haha. Will have to see how it goes, shes going to look at food issues next week so looking forward to that.

Pregnancies are nightmares for weight gain arent they? I want another loads but would like to get some more weight off first.
lol haha it must work for you then,do you feel any different today? mmmm my baby days are done but I remember wanting another lots,I didnt gain much in my last pregnancy it was after lol :)
Have a lovely day xx