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Im having a chocolate moment again, tell me all that would happen if I ate one?


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You'll feel guilty and disgusted with yourself and regret eating it.You'll possibly be kicked out of ketosis and will start feeling hungry again.You might then want to eat more.You won't lose as much weight this week!DON'T DO IT!!!!!If you really want chocolate then make the truffles from a chocolate pack or have an extra pack if you've already had your 3 for today.HANG IN THERE!!!
HTH a little.


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It'll taste nice!

Not as nice as being slim though and you'll regret it so much.

As Nike wouldn't say !! "Just Don't Do It"



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oops ignore this one-I posted properly below
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Polishrose is right BigMama,

It just ain't worth it.

What is the worst that can happen if you DON't eat the chocolate?

You will continue to feel tired and fed up but it will only last till the kids go off to bed! Then, you can go and have a nice hot bubblebath with a good book and think to yourself "I won, I didn't give in to chocolate, I'm gonna make it, Yippeee!!!"

What's the worst that can happen if you DO eat the chocolate?

Just exactly what Polishrose said - you feel a bit sick, guilty, disgusted, fat, hungry (cos you are out of ketosis), angry, lots of other megative feelings, worried about the next meeting, more likely to 'slip' again.

Is THAT worth a bar of chocolate? No Way!

You know what to do BigMama! I know you can do it! Ditch that chocolate!!


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Here's some more negatives:
You might get spots from it.
Your teeth might fall out.
You might bloat up straight away.
You might drop chocolate crumbs all over your clothes.
You might regain all your weight(OK so that one's a little dramatic!)
I'll be back when I think of more. :D


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I have been so close to cracking, but why not save your CD bar for the time of day you get stressed?If you feel you need something extra in the evening, split a shake in the morning and have half. Thats what I do! Now, I am going through a rough time at the moment and I spurt out all this wonderful advice (which noramlly comes from Mr & mrs Icesmoose) and I end up asking for help too! We all need to support each other, tomorrow, I may need your help! Keep going and be strong my love!