Day 4 and crippled by a headache!


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Hi, just joined to post as I'm new to actually commiting to a diet and also new to Exante, I have used it years ago just to fill out my normal diet when I lost my appetite and found it tasted good so thought it would be great now after gaining weight having kids and years of comfort eating and medication side effects I've crept to being obese :( It's not tasting as good as I remember, I opted for shakes and bars as I know the meals and porridges aren't for me. I'm enjoying or atleast tolerating the shakes so far but the bars are a real struggle. The odd one i enjoy but mostly the smell and texture stops me from managing to eat more than a nibble. I expected a headache at some point but its a migraine that usual pills aren't shifting. I'm in a major depression spell, have no appetite and know i'm probably not having enough of the shakes each day. (2-3 instead of 4) Hubby wants me to try shifting to the intermittent version ,few days on total 1 day off ,and repeat but I think surely that will just trigger regular headaches then? I feel like i'd be better sticking with it and then once i've adjusted the headaches should stop? Sorry Im rambling I just wanted to ask what others experiences of headaches were like on this and hopefully hear that they go quickly, the diet works and we'll all live fit, healthily and happily every after
Hi Nellie I didn't want to read and run but I am actually not doing Exante I am doing Cambridge which I believe is similar as it is a meal replacement plan. I am sorry you feel so bad. Hopefully it will pass. I do think that you should try and have all your products a day if possible so you get your nutrients.

In my first week of Cambridge I felt really bad I could barely leave the sofa, I guess my body was adjusting to the lack of carbs. After 2 weeks I felt more like myself. But obviously, everyone will have a different experience on VLCDs. And I am not sure how different Cambridge and Exante are. Basically, I think that you should hang in there though, if you can! Maybe worth talking to your GP if you haven't if you are on medication as on Cambridge my counsellor had to clear it with the medical team and let my GP know because I take medication. Because of my medication I wasn't allowed to start on the lowest steps of Cambridge and I have to have 4 products a day.

Take care of yourself and let us know how you get on xxx