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I'm having such a bad day.........

:gen147:I'm not sure why I'm feeling like this coz i was so determined last week. I have eaten a piece of toast this morning and felt so bad. :mad: I'm really worried ot thats it will have a huge effect on my first weigh in on Friday. But more than that I'm doubting my determination now and am so disappointed in myself. Is this normal? If it is how do i turn it round and get positive again. Sorry for being such a bore but I have no one to talk to about this. :badmood:
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*hugs* Jaynie

Firstly why did you feel the need to eat the toast? Have you been taking all of your shakes and sipping your daily quota of water throughout the day?

You ate the toast, it's done, over with, can't do nothing about it now. Do not doubt yourself. Remember the reasons why you're doing LT. Keep repeating in your head that you will not let your weight beat you. You deserve to be healthy, happy and proud.

The first couple of weeks can be tough. Your body is withdrawing from sugar/carbs etc. It's releases all the nasty toxins. So we will feel a tad yucky, weepy, confused, fed up. You'll subconsciously feel deprived, while everyone else around you indulges. You'll feel sorry for yourself, and think 'Why me, why can't I eat what I want and not have to worry about my weight'

All these feelings will pass, believe me. You'll soon be full of energy and determination, and the initial yuckiness will be a distant memory.

Chin up, forget the toast and move forward with the focus that you will be who you really want to be. You deserve it!


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Gosh Betsy you are soooo lovely. You covered mainly everything I wanted to say.

Forget about the toast jaynie it would not have done much damage but remember that bad feeling you got and try to stick to the diet. The food will all be there when you are down to a healthy weight.

To be honest with you, if you can't stick to LT and see it to the end you might never lose weight as we have all tried the other diets and only this has worked for us. LT is the fastest way I have experienced. It gets easier just be determained and stick a picture of yourself at your most biggest on the fridge and look at that when you feel you can't carry on. I had this picture of myself that made me cry because it was soooo bad.

Chin up


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I have to ditto what the other girls have said. Forget about the toast and carry on the rest of the day as though you hadn't eaten it, stick to your shakes and get right back on the LT wagon again.

I find that looking through the success thread with all the fabulous before and after pictures is truly inspiring and really helps to keep it focused in my mind why I want to do this, not just to look fantastic but to be healthy and fit and be the person i really want to be and live the life that *I* want, not one dictated to me by my size.

Have a think about what led you to LT in the first place, get that dreaded *fat* photo out and then ask yourself do you really want food more than you want to be slim and healthy?

Most importantly hang around in this forum, post as often as you feel the need to, you aren't boring us at all and we all know how you feel. As for weigh in on Friday, I doubt you have much to worry about if you draw a line under the toast and keep going with LT, try not to worry about that and keep your mind busy in the meantime.

Sending you ((((((hugs)))))) and lots of positive vibes for the rest of the day and week til weigh in ^.^
Jaynie - all been said already!
((Hug)) Sorry you're feeling down but - as has been said - it's done, you cannot undo what has been done but you can change the future.
So, from now, you're back on track.
Treat it as an addiction, just 1 day at a time.

It's tough but think about something that really gets you down - I hate my big, wobbly body and to help me, took a pic of myself - in undies (bleugh!) on my mobile - my motivation pic.
Trust me, one look at that and I'm running to the shakes and water.

You can get great results very quickly - each week will motivate you for the next.

Hope you feel brighter hun and look forward to hearing your successes over the coming weeks ;-)


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Aww Jaynie ((( big hugs ))) to you. I can only ditto all that was said above.

We have all been there and can understand exactly how you feel. Yes its a hard diet to start with but after the first couple of weeks its a breeze believe me. Once you get over that first bit then you will be amazed at how easy it is. Forget the toast - thats done now. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, read some of our stories and get inspired.
You can do this, you will do this :D :D xxx


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Awww love you lot :grouphugg:

Jaynie, you're never alone in here sweetie. We're all in the same boat sailing to slimdom! (I'm really cheesy eh)


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slimdom :D

Know I understand better why I love this woman :D:D:D:D:D


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hay chin up you jumped off the LT train . get bk on the next stop (next shake) shouldnt have done to much damage . you will get there hun but in this world we dont get nothing for nothing so yes it is a hard but look at the results , the other day wen i felt like you i looked at the b4 and after pics and i was bk to the shakes in a flash ...
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The other girlies have pretty much covered anything I could say!

But - it is really tough, at the beginning especially. Ultimately, a piece of toast is a piece of toast & if you let it spoil your progress you're giving it so much more power than it deserves - besides, it's unlikely to impact your loss! Just carry on as if you never did it & you'll feel amazing in no time for persevering!

Good luck :)

OMG......you are all ssooo amazing. Huge hugs to you all and thanks for rainsing my deflated spirits. It's true that I now really don't feel so alone while I'm doing this. I've had my second shake and have kept sipping water the toast is a distant menory!!!
I've never thought of my weight loss as an addiction before but I think its right...........one day at a time. I'll stick around here and keep in touch, just hope one day I can be as helpful to others as you've been to me today!!! You've all done so well with your weight loss, I feel truely inspired.


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everything has already been said jaynie, get back on board and keep posting on here, everybody is so kind and supportive to each other. If you have another weak moment read some of these amazing weight losses and you can get past it.

Lots of hugs for you and we can all do it together xxx


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Toast will have knocked you out of ketosis so im afraid to say it might have an affect at your weigh in but ya know, the first week is the hardest. Like the others have already said.

Your body is going through so much it takes time to change.

Pick yourself up and get back on board. There is always someone on here to listen and give advice so use this place like your 2nd home! :giggle:

But really give thought as to why you ate the toast. Use your time on LT wisely and think about all the reasons why you eat - infact sometimes you wont even need to think about it it will just click 'oh usually at a time like this i would eat' and there you have it ... you'll prove that in situations you need not turn to food :) xxx
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Its only your first week hun! You will get dere. You prob wont lose as much as Tanya said but you will lose something and then you will lose some more the next week. Really think about why you are doin this get your mind back to where it was wen you decided to start.

Motivation works differently for everyone tink bout the moment that you realised you needed or wanted to lose weight motivation will come. You are stronger than you tink we all have our weak moments its just about deciding how to deal with it walk away from the food or walk towards it. It is always YOUR OWN decision whether you stay on lipotrim no one else can do it for you! But it is worth it!

Im goin through a hard time too but 9 weeks in i dont tink food will ever help me get out of my funk. Thats a huge step coz before i wud have used food to smother my feelings. Its hard addressing these things but you need to figure out why you ate the toast so you wont do it again.

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