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Wooah Blufizz! You DO sound really down. GIve yourself a break, you obviously have a lot going on in your head and it sounds like a vicious circle.

You can do it - you've done it before. If you start tomorrow you could stop hiding and feel proud of yourself. There are plenty of other less than perfect souls on the beach. I don't know your state of health or weight but maybe you could walk on the beach - no need to strip off and there's no food there!

I have some emotional stuff too which I tend to shove away and I also stuff my face when I'm feeling good. Doesn't make sense does it?

Well, I wish you luck and hope you get back on track soon. If you start tomorrow you could be several pounds lighter by July (oh I wish I would listen to my own advice!) :)

Pomooky XX
hiya lol...yeh it kinda all came rushing out
your start weight is lower than my target weight lol so we have very diffo amounts to lose....if i were to strip off anywhere theyd think a whale had beached! lol....i now see it matters to me what people think when they look at me and i doubt that will ever go away but the need to feel lighter and healthier is now much greater than my need to stuff down any emotions...

i read on someones signature..."losing weight is hard, being overweight is hard,,choose your hard" i know which one im choosing now...

thanks for your comments and il try to be nicer to myself lol..x
Hey you aren't alone. You'll get through this. Try not to compare yourself to others. I know it is hard.

You say you didn't put weight on until you had your kids. This might sound weird, but i think there is something quite beautiful about a woman that has put on a little weight because they've had children. It's like you've done something successful and amazing in life. I know everyone wants to look like a supermodel, but you should be proud.

Good luck with losing the weight. I hope that you find some inner peace with it. I know what it is like avoiding mirrors.

From one woman to another x
hiya and thanks for your kind comments :)
my weight isnt baby weight and its not just a few lbs im afraid..but i get what you mean lol

dont want to look like a supermodel either...just healthy with energy and a happy glint in my eyes lol....

i felt quite low over the last week but yesterday i had my hair cut....a little shorter than it normally is...more of a reshape..and it gave me such a boost..then i thought id try to cram myself into a new pair of combats id bought and actually go out.....the combats wernt such a tight squeeze and no one keeled over in shock at the sight of me when i did go out lol....i can see i have some self loathing issues to deal with....it worries me il keep failing at weight loss until i get over this negativity .....

but im feeling ok today-its not too hot so i dont feel so bad....hope everyones having a good day x

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