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Want to be a yummy mummy!
Hey there guys! What a great forum this is.

Anyway, I have been on Cambridge for a week now, and I think I have lost 7lbs - not too sure as getting weighed tonight for the first time!

I am 23 - and did weigh 11 stone 13 lbs, but thought it was time for a change - CD has been so wonderful and I feel great.

Does anyone still do exercise whilst on CD? I don't know if it is a state of mind, but I am really dreading my class tonight - I feel like I don't have any energy, maybe its psycological!?:eek:

Also - does anyone know about Buillon? Its a vegetable stock drink, and you are allowed 2 a day, something my Mum told me, she is doing CD too.

Anyway, I will let you know how much I lose tonight - I am so excited to be weighed!

Hi Welcome to the boards-they are fantastic !!
Glad you are enjoying the diet- it's great isn't it?
How many pounds did you want to lose?
Hi unreal
Welcome to the boards! Well done on your weight loss so far: you'll be at goal before you know it! :D

After that, stick around to get support whilst you keep it off for good!

As for the bullion ... the official CD lines are that you should have the savoury vegetable powder (yummy actually - like chicken noodle soup without the noodles) but if money is tight, I have the Marigold vegetable bullion instead but I have the reduced salt variety and limit myself to no more than one level teaspoon per day.

I'll probably get told off for saying that but I'm afraid money IS an issue for many people and if there are any corners we can cut without doing major damage to the diet then some of us have to cut them.
(If you can afford it though, buy the CD veggie powder!)
Oh my goodness.

This is the 4th or 5th thread of people that are starting around the same time as me (well within the same month) that I have come accross today. Im so excited because its like we have a wee team going. We are the October starters!!! lol Well done on your first week. I will look forward to seeing your posts!! Im starting on Monday so I have it all ahead of me!!
hello! Just a quick post..got a ticker thing and wanted to try it out...lost 5lbs, in 5 days on the 790 plan!

I use the marigold 1 tsp a day but just read tonight somewhere on here that it is too salty and should be avoided but one doesn't do me any harm
Congratulations on the 5 lb loss
Irene xx
eek! just seen the ticker is very similar to someone elses!! hahah...great minds!! hahaha

God..could spend quite a while on that site picking a cute design!!

Hey Unreal!! welcome to the boards!!

Careful on the excercise front, don't over do it! Mr Moose was telling me not to do anything that gets you so you can't talk because you won't be able to burn the fat fast enough and end up burning muscle!! :eek:

Good luck!!
thank you!

Hey! Wow, you are so my twin! I am 23 as well and weigh about 163 with a goal of 125-130. And, I'm starting cd next week! wow! good luck! :)
Hi guys!

Wow thanks for the posts of support, everyone here is lovely!

Well I got weighed for the first time last night - my heart was pounding, I was so nervous! I have lost 8lbs in my first week!

I cannot wait till next week, my mum and I are doing it together, and it has made it so much easier - she done Lighter Life last year, and lost 3 stone but put 1 back on through not being strict enough!

My CDC is on holiday for 3 weeks now, so my next weigh in is 9 November, I cant wait, my birthday is on 29th Oct, I am not going to drink, but I am going for a wee curry on my birthday to treat myself! I cant wait, (i cant wait for alot of things!) apparently i wont be able to eat much anyway.

Cait, how tall are you? I am 5 4, and if i was 9 stone, i would look so thin!! I was 12 stone 6 at my heaviest, i must have looked huge - i cant remember looking that big, but i must have been more solid. I am aiming for 9 stone 13 - i wonder if i can do it!?

I dont understand what you are saying about bullion? Its only £1.50 - thats cheap. I have 1 a day? Even that?

We should call ourselves Team October!! Haha.

Nice to hear from you all, im really happy today.

HI Lauren

Well done on a fab first week weight loss - here's to many more. :) And of course you can get to 9st 13lbs. :D
If you click on someone elses ticker thing then it will take you to the site. The you format whichever one you want etc. It will give you 3 types of code. I used the BBcode. I copied and pasted it into my signature and there it appeared!!
OMG, Lauren, I'm 5'4.5"!! Too funny. Yeah, my mom tells me; "Cait, are you sure about 120's because that is going to be too thin for you, you should aim for about 135." I think maybe she is right so when I can get down a bit I may have to readjust my goal weigh up 10lbs or so.
Thank youuuuuuuu I have done it!!

Cait - you will look too skinny at 9 stone!! I wouldnt want to be that small, i would look ill i think?

I reckon just under 10 is fine for us..although it would be good to munch for a week and put a couple pounds on!!