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Im on top of the world!!


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Am so happy this morning....my battle with food binges has gone on for around 27 years, and in the last 3 years I have finally cracked it going from 19 stone 12 to 14 stone totally on my own, but then I lost motivation so joined slimming world...Its probably the best thing I have ever done I now hardly ever have binge thoughts and really enjoy what I can eat. The bit which is really the icing on the cake for me this morning is.....I am comfortably wearing size 14 shorts something I havent done since the age of 13...and my top half is a size 10.
Thank you slimming world for finally helping me take control of my life!
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**high fives**

Well done :D I still have a daily battle with my binge eating disorder, I hope I can do as well as you have done.

Cobweb xx
well done on losing so much weight - do you have any before and after photos so we can see the change? Always makes me feel positive to see how well others have done and helps to motivate me.
As much as I always love seeing the physical results of weight loss on people, I think hearing about someone overcoming their mental issues with food is a million times more inspirational. Losing weight (although INCERDIBLY difficult) can be done by sticking to certain simple rules, but mentally overcoming food issues is so much harder. I am so very, very, very chuffed for you, doll.

Bet you are rockin' those shorts- get out in the sun and show off the new you- you are inspiring!



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I havent got any before pics but Im sure my mum has so will get a couple next time I see her and will post them....I still dont have any full body pics so will have to get some done and post those. I still have real issues with what I look like but I know there is a big difference!!
Congrats hun!

your words have really struck a cord with me as my start weight on Monday this week was just 1 pound less than yours, and my end goal is around 14 and half stone.

I just hope I can do as well as you have.

Go out and rock those shorts!!

I am really proud, but I still have to be strong, I do still get days when I would love to hide away and binge...but then I seem to now be able to work my way through it. I really belive that you just have to be in the right frame of mind and anything is possible, plus once your body has all the junk out of its system its amazing how much better you feel! Trust me if I can do this anyone can!!
congratulations to you I have only just started and struggling to get my head round it but reading this is keeping me focused!! You are an acheiver!!!
Thanks...and you will be to, just wait till you get the buzz of losing a few lbs you will be on top of the world

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