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I'm restarting CD tomorrow!

I've decided to restart tomorrow after not losing much on Weight Watchers. This is the last diet that I'm gona do and it's going to work. I lost so much weight last year when I did the cd. So i'm determined to do this again. The problem with last year was I never moved up the plans I just stopped when I was happy with my weight. So I'm going to move up the plans when I get to a healthy weight. I'm looking forward to losing the weight. I've got a holiday in June so I have something to mtivate me. :)
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Hi im back doing cd too my story is the same as yours i thought i could go it alone, but put the weight back on.Im also going on holiday in June, & this time im determind to feel fab about myself.
Good luck to you hope to talk again.

Purple Hugs

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another restarter here too :)

I'm sure by your holiday you'll be feeling great! :) I'd be feeling great at your start weight! lol ;)
Good Luck, How are you getting on today??
Hi there

I am similar to you, done this before, didn't follow the programme and so am restarting today. I am a similar height to you and also our starting weights are similar. I have struggled with my weight since the birth of my babies :-(

Let's get it all off once and for all, I am definately going to follow the programme to the end this time.



Slimming for my children
Hiya I have started back today and am FAMISHED... had a choc shake and 2 pints so far and am gonna have a hot mint choc now for lunch!
You can do it! Good luck! I was originally going to try and lose the last half a stone on WW or slimming world.. but no one seems to have had any success on that so I might just stick to this for longer too!


Slimming for my children
I think what it is with sw and ww, they do work but they are for people who are willing to wait and who arent impatient. People like me who have 7 stone to loose cant be doing with those diets as they just take too long!
i agree FNM i just want the weight off asap, i know how to eat healthy i just dont want to spend a year getting the result i could get in 4 months with this! I think you get to a point and think thats it enough is enough.
Can i ask lots of people have been saying ill pile all my weight on again as soon as i eat, my response has been if i eat the same way that got me big then yes i will but if im sensible i wont, this sounds brave but im actually slightly worried about it :( Whats everyone think???Or their experience? xx
On WW I was losing a pound one week then sts the next and it was frustrating knowing that I could lose twice as much weight with CD the I would in a month with WW. You just need determination and willpower on this diet so you don't pick. Hopefully it won't take to long to get to goal. I might change my goal to 9st instead of 8.7. I'll see once I get under 10st. What's everyones goal weight? and why did u pick that weight?

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