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i'm scared

I'm scared because i want this to work. But i have always failed at diets. I have done every diet under the sun from Weightwatchers to Cambridge diet, to Atkins, to Sureslim to south beach. Anything you can think of I have done and failed. I am so scared this attempt will be another failed one. The reason I fail is not because I get bored, it is because the weight comes off so slowly. Even on cambridge diet I would lose 1 pound a week after the first few weeks and that was when I was starving myself. I have had my thyroid checked and the doctor said although it is low it is in the acceptable range. So it can't be a physical reason.

Sorry for rambling I am just so worried i am going to fail. I so so so want slimming world to work for me. Has any one else tried other diets and failed but succeeded on slimming world?
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One day at a time, one step at a time
I still have a long way to go, but yes. I've tried most diets over the years, failed and put it all back on. This time I try not to look at the bigger picture but 1/2 stone at a time, or little milestones, ie get into size.... or get under.... stone.

This time if I have a bad day , a blip, I draw a line and continue straight after, this way it limits the damage rather than letting a bad day turn into a bad week, a bad month, a bad year.

You can do this. If I can anyone can :D

Im with Jackie on this if we can do it anyone can! I am the original serial dieter the difference with sw is that i do not see this as a diet i see it as an overhaul of bad habits being wiped out, you will see by looking at my diary i can never seem to stay on track after weigh in on a Thursday but come Saturday i am back on it with gusto and Im pleased to say i am now over 2 stone lighter than i was 14 weeks ago. Set yourself small goals and each time you reach them you will get such a buzz from them it will be worth it! Im not sure how much weight you have to lose however i do know that a pound a week off is better than a pound a week on think of it by next September you could have either lost 3 stone 10 or gained 3 stone 10 pounds which would you rather have?? X


Proud to be a LOSER :)
I agree with Jackie and Shenzi :) SW is great for giving yourself a new perspective on food and healthy eating. I have tried most diets. I succeeded with Atkins about 9 years ago losing over a stone in 14 days. Good. But i only ate chicken and sausages for the entire fortnight, so no, not good. With SW, I can lose weight AND eat proper meals. Meals that fit in with my lifestyle, my friends & families lifestyle.
In my first month I'd lost 11lbs! This INCLUDED quite a few ''off'' days of eating out and making bad choices! Unfortunately I threw SW and healthy eating out the window during July as I was working at an all inclusive summer camp and gained 7.5lbs. But being back on the diet for a few weeks now and have lost another 5lbs in 2 weeks :) It DOES work, but only if you don't have a pessimistic attitude. Otherwise you will expect it to fail, and may ultimately sabotage yourself without realising!

As said previously, if you DO have a bad day... write it off and start fresh tomorrow :) and also you don't have to starve yourself. With this diet, that will have a negative effect. So use your HEx's and your syns every day.

Good luck!! xxx
Thanks everyone. You are right i need to be positive. I am definitely excited i just dont want to fail. I kind of feel this is my last chance to get the weight off...it will come off though right?


Proud to be a LOSER :)
I think it's worth a go at least :) As long as you follow the plan, you should lose AT LEAST 1lb a week. But often people lose quite alot in their first few weeks at SW until their bodies settle down. But if you take a look through the site, you will notice some people have weeks of STS and then lose 6lbs then next week!! So i urge you that IF you 'only' lose 1lb in your first week, you keep going. Keep going until you start gaining, or STS for many times. But even then... don't quit. Talk to your consultant, review your eating habits, go 'back to basics' - just don't quit!!! xxx
It will come off you just have to work at it, whether it takes 6 months, a year, 2 years it will be worth it in the end x x
What have you got to lose doing SW? Even if you follow the plan and lose 1lb a week or 1lb a month it is still progress and you are heading in the right direction.

There's nothing to be afraid of. You will lose weight!

Don't give into fear of failure. If you do, you'll never get anywhere!


Proud to be a LOSER :)
Oooh I've noticed it says you've lost 8lb... I can't remember if I saw this last night? If this was with SW then well done (well done if it wasn't too but you know what i mean lol). I see you have 63lb to lose, so even at 1lb a week (slow and steady which is key for successful weightloss) it would only take 15 months to reach target!! So by next xmas you will be fit and ready for a slim festive year ahead :) it sound long, but weight loss IS hard. It's not meant to be easy. As long as you're losing then 0.5lb a week or 8lb a week is the same. It means you're doing it right :) - you could also post a food diary on here if you like, gives us a chance to give you feedback and see where you're going right/wrong xx
For a 25 year old I've tried far too many "diets" than should be allowed! I first started SW in 2009 (this is my third time) & I couldn't understand how I could eat so much & still lose. BUT-it works. For me the losses are very slow, which can be disheartening, but the weight is coming off & my heads in it 100% & I know I can keep it off.

Unless you try it, you'll never know. Join a group & throw yourself into it, don't give it a couple of weeks, you need time to adjust from all the other diets you've done, clear out your cupboards & try new recipes all the time so you're always varying what you eat. You'll never be hungry. And you have a great supper system on here :) x
Turn that scared feeling into excitement !!

You have already lost weight - every time you get on the scales you want it to be a bit less - its not an overnight process although I have often wished it was but be excited for every weight to see what you've lost.

Theres no need to be scared when you're in control. You can do this !!

Big hugs

Karen x
thanks guys. Actually i need to edit my thing at the bottom. I have gained back all that weight that I lost and I lost it with a zillion different diets. I know you are all so right. I need to be excited about this. I am really, I want it to work, but I need to BELIEVE it is going to work!


Proud to be a LOSER :)
Be excited!! It's when you lose all the weight and have nothing to think about, that's when things are rubbish hehe. Just think in a year when noone compliments you because you've been slim for ages that its the norm.... losing the weight is when people notice. You're gonna love this diet xx

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