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im so shocked


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never followed sw, but wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on yr pregnancy.. have a happy and healthy 9 months

i think if you just eat healthly and dont reach for the junk you shud be fine..

congratulations again


i love my family!
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oh wow! congrats!!!! i started following it for 1 week when i was first pregnant with ellis, my last child but i was craving peanut butter and buttery toast too much to continue lol!


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Wasnt on diet but you can follow it whilst preg :)

Congrats hun


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Congratulations!! I hope you are feeling well. I wanted to follow SW when pg with my daughter but my midwife wouldn't agree to it. She said I just needed to be sensible and eat basic home cooked food - tried telling her that what SW is!! In hindsight I probably wouldn't have stuck to it as I craved all the wrong things and I don't think added presuure of a diet would have helped me. However, having said that you should definitely try. You have to increase your HEs.

Good luck. x


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Congratulations! :flowers: I started to follow it but the thought of baguettes and donuts was too much and I gave in. There is a lady at our group who is pregnant and has followed it all the way through. He Midwife actually told her not to lose anymore!

But good luck whatever you decide.
:bliss:congratulations hun I have four of the little blighters (sorry darlings) too my four was a total shock, and whilst I have every intention of sticking to plan it never happened, don't think many people manage it, but I really wanted to:(

So hence still trying to get my baby weight off from January, and boy is it taking it's time!!

My advise would be to try and stick to the basics as much as poss, then you won't have loads and loads to lose, I was just stupid and thought oh well i'm pregnant what the heck but I am paying for it now :( xx
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Big congrats to you. I say, Mars Bars here you should come!


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Congratulations. I tried to stick to the plan whilst pregnant with my second but the chippy chips and mars bars got the better of me.

Thank you I'm going to try and stick to the plan throughout my pregnancy, going to still post on here and the pregnancy section, im thinking at least i'll be used to this way of eating and thinking about food even if i don't lose much weight and then i can concentrate on the weightloss after i've had the baby.


Woah! Congratulations!!! My sister followed Slimming World whilst pregnant and continued when she was breast feeding. It's really healthy so i'd say go for it! Plus, I think you get more healthy extras :) mmm yummy. Lots of cheese! Woo!

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