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Im so useless!

Why am i so useless!

i want to lose weight so bad but i give in at the first hurdle!

I am so weak and stupid and i hate myself right now!

ive been doing really well for 5 days 100% SS and then went to the shopping centre for Mothers Day cards and ended up having a subway!

Why do i do it to myself!
Now i have to start all over again!
ive been crying tonight cos i feel so fat and useless and thought posting on here might make me feel better! :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

i feel like s**t and feel like giving up cos im just so stupid!

its simple i mean taking food out of the equation should make it simple! Just dont eat!

I wouldnt mind but i dont even get a good feeling after ive eaten but i cant seem to learn my bloody lesson!

Anyway sorry for the rambling :cry::cry::cry::cry:

Lou x
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MUST get a grip
Hey there...... First of all - here's a hug - you are not stupid, alone, useless or any of the other nasty negative words you used!

We are all here for you - this VLCD lark aint easy hun - if it was.............. ummmmmm none of us peeps would be here!



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Everyone makes mistakes...me more than most!
Don't make one mistake into a massive negative issue when really it was just one subway!!
It might well know you out of ketosis for a bit, but you'll still have a good loss this week with 5 good days.
(I've not made it past 5 days...ever!)
I can buddy up with you if you'd like someone to get up to 6 or 7 days SSing with!
You've probably more chance of making it than me :)
Awwww Lou,
Please don't be so hard on yourself. This is a tough diet and there is temptation everywhere! You have done 5 days solid SS and that's great so draw a line under this blip and start again. One subway isn't gonna pile the pounds on - it's more what it does to your self esteem when you give into that temptation.
Please keep posting. We have all had these moments and we're all here to help and support each other.
Stay strong and you will get there
Think of it this way....if you hadnt done cambridge the subway would have seemed nothing...you wouldnt even have thought about the fact that you've eaten it...therefore your changing your thoughts and views to food. In some ways it may have helped, just remember how annoyed at yourself you are and next time you think about lapsing think..."no i was furious at myself"

At the same time, your human, everyone makes mistakes, at the end of the day you probably wont even remember this in a weeks time...simply start on SS tomorrow, forget it ever happened and get your enthusiam back...worst thing you could do is let it throw you off track and destroy your enthusiasm!

Please dont get upset and cry....:)

Hope that helps!xxxxx

You are not useless! We are all creatures of habbit so if you are used to eating out when shopping you just have to work that bit harder to break the association with food. Don't give up, you've done 5 days 100% so just look at this as one small blip. Im struggling at the minute but have found having a 'vent' on here has helped.

Hi, i did exactely the same hun and felt the same, I am on week 3 and have had 2 bad days!! Mainly due too feeling sorry for myself! But you can do it and will feel better after a few days! Just think how good we will feel when we have lost some weight! xxx
hey you - don't be so hard on yourself. It's only a blip and not the end of the world. I don't believe you are any of those negative things that you describe.

I know you must be feeling upset with yourself right now but you shouldn't. :patback:

You need to put it behind you and refocus on what you want. You know it's not easy to SS but you also know that it will work for you. I have struggled to restart for ages and felt pretty much as you do know but I have now done 8 weeks. If you can get through week 1 then it gets so much easier. It becomes almost "normal". OK so you had the sub but focus on tomorrow and then the next day etc and drink as much water as you can to limit the damage. I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT! :vibes::vibes::vibes:

We are all here to help you and support you - just ask!

Let's enjoy the summer this year

((( :) ))) Sending you hugs and positive vibes!
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Totally Focused
Ok, you made a mistake! Don't we all at some time? But its not the end of the world - although it probably feels like it right now!

So, drink loads of water to flush it through - and tomorrow is a new day for you to start again! You can do it! And we are all behind you, rooting for you and encouraging you when you need us! :gen126:
Ah... this is really a tough diet, no mistaking that. We have all had temptations at some point or other, some have given in, I'm not long on the diet either, Day 13 only, but it has been tough for most of those days.

Try and pick yourself up, don't carry on and eat all around you tonight, because you made that mistake today. Instead, focus on being positive, and draw a line under what you did. Get back on the diet asap and leave your mistake behind you.

Best of luck.... xxx
Sending you big hugs Lou, onward and upward, it's a blip we all have em and I've found once you've 'fessed up on here you're 'cleansed and ready to leap back on the good ship SS! tomorrow is another day hon don't be so hard on yourself x
Hey All

thanks for your kind words of support!

i agree with you all i was having a negative 10 minutes i not usually like this!

Anyway you will be pleased to know i am drawing a line under it and starting from fresh tomorrow!

My other half is treating me to a trip to the coas on sunday so that something to look forward to!

So willlet you all know how im getting on!

And woul to buddy up with people to do 7days straight SS as ive never done a full week!

Would love that!!

Thanks so much again it means the world! :D:D:D

Lou xx