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I'm soooo scarred any comments for a newcomer on to LL

Hi All,

Well I have decided to go to LL as all other diets have failed and I am putting on more and more weight....
The thing is I already tried cambridge diet like 5 times and failed miserably, does the councelling really help??????

Any encouraging comments will be gladly appreciated
P.s How do I get one of those ticker things everyone has????
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Hi Blenheimlady and welcome :)

Got to say that the counselling does help me, I find it really effective to actually sit down and look for the reasons why I've done what I've done - plus I find the group support helps me a lot.... have to say though that I have a great LLC and I think that helps me along too.

All I can say is give it your best shot, stick to it and the weight will come off - hopefully the counselling will tick all the right boxes for you.

Hi thanks for the support! I am really relying on the councelling and the other LL members in my group to help me do this!! I been wanting to do this for ages but never been able to do it!!!
I have put on nearly 3 stone over the last couple of years due to using food as my comfort and am really desperate to get out of it!
You'll have that 3 stone gone in not time - I'm 14 weeks in and have lost 54lb up to now ..... sad thing is that I'm not yet half way through though.

Best of luck and keep us posted :D


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Hiya and welcome!
As Katie said I think the group aspect of LL is absolutely essential, meeting with a group of girls doing the same as you every week and discussing the good and bad aspects of the week is such a booster and all of the members of my group have said they often find it even more useful than the councilling itself. From what I've heard you don't have a group on cambridge so perhaps it could leave you feeling a little alone in the diet.

One thing I would say is you really really have to WANT to lose the weight, This has to be your last straw and you are definately going to do it this time. I doubt anyone could half heartedly succeed at LL cos of the obsticles you have to face during your time on the diet.

Take evrything you can get from your weekly sessions, make sure you stay for the meeting, watch the video and don't be scared to share your opinions and experiences and I guarantee you will feel guided and inspired to continue. Good luck with your diet and let us know how you're doing! xx


Post-op Gastric Bypass
Hi All,

Well I have decided to go to LL as all other diets have failed and I am putting on more and more weight....
The thing is I already tried cambridge diet like 5 times and failed miserably, does the councelling really help??????

Any encouraging comments will be gladly appreciated
P.s How do I get one of those ticker things everyone has????

I have done Lighter Life in the past but I am now going down a different route, I don't want to be negative but just wanted to send you the help for the ticker that you want:


Good luck
Nic xx


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The counselling will help. As Donnalou has said you have to really want to lose weight.

Either you want to be slim and you will follow the plan completely and do all phases, or you will not complete it.

It is all about your choices - you either abstain or you don't. If you don't you will find the diet very hard (and it will not work well), If you do, then you should find that the weight flies off much faster than any other diet. You will feel better, sleep better and think better!

I really wanted to do LL because of the counselling and especially the CBT to give me the tools to get the job done. I see losing weight as a major project that I am doing for myself. I have an end objective, and lots of smaller mini-objectives.

Every week I get closer to where I want to be. The success I have had - and the success you will have too will give you the energy to last the distance.

Yes - it is sometimes difficult to drink the water, Yes it is annoying getting up for the loo in the night and needing to be in reach of a loo all the time! Yes the upset stomach and/or constipation are a pain, and yes, the soups/shakes and bars are really really boring after a while.

Is it worth it - Absolutely Yes - most people on the diet think it is one of the best things they have ever done (I do). I also think it is the easiets diet ever (at least for me). Nothing is easy, but this is as close as you are going to get.

Think Positive - Stay on the plan and it is IMPOSSIBLE for you no to reach your correct weight.

Good Luck!
Wishing you loads of success BleinhamLady! As said, just follow the plan 100% and you will be shot of those 3 stone before you know it. Promise. You will be amazed at how fast and steady the weight comes off. Do try and be 100% because it will just fall off you. It is a very short time to go without food - just rememeber it is only temporary, and keep your head down and focus focus focus! Don't let anything trip you up!!!

All the best!

Cant thank you all enough - has anyone had the obsession like me??lol

thanks to everyone giving me encouraging comments its really helpful. Well I went to the introduction meeting and it was inspiring the only thing is the actually group doesn't start until May the 6th which I know is only a couple of weeks away but i would like to get started right away!!!
One thing I am worried about and I dont know if any of you guys have been through the same ... I seem to have got myself into the habbit of food food food, Its like an obsession with me.. I wake up in the morning and think of food... infact my life seems to revolve around food!!! I am always very consious of it and almost make myself eat it when I know that I shouldn't be doing it!!! I'm hoping that its just about my mood and how I feel about myself at the moment which makes me self sabotage and eat eat eat!!!! Has anyone else felt like this and overcome it with the CBT and groups, does it get better when you start loosing weight as you realize that you can actually do it!!!! THANKS ONCE AGAIN - LORRAINE XX
Hi Blenheimlady :)
I have found that my LL group are more than just the other people who I may or may not see at a slimming class every Tuesday evening.
I know this will sound so cheesy and corny.....but.....there is a real family feeling there....like we are all really feeling what each other has to face day by day.
I really feel part of something quite amazing...and for once I am an important part of it too.

All the best for your journey


Deb G

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Like you, I've done countless diets countless times, but the only thing that changed this time was my head!! The counselling helps uyou understand your relationship with food and gives you practical methods of dealing with it. I'm in Week 8 of RTM now, and I've been putting all I've learned into practice, and doing REALLY well. FOr the first time EVER, I am confident that I can do this for the rest of my life.....easily!!!

Give it a go.....you have nothing to lose except the weight!

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