Need to lose for op 8th Oct


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Hi all,
I've been gone from this site for a long time but I remember loving reading this when I last properly did a VLCD all the way back in January 2012 (wow how time flies! Cannot believe that is 10+ yeard ago).

Anyway since then I've continued to be a yo-yo dieter with lot's of plans followed and a small amount of weight lost before the inevitable gain. Some of the more memorable attempts include
-Jan 2012 = 2 stone on Cambridge Diet
-Winter 2012 = 5% body weight on WW
-Summer 2015 = 1.5 stone+ WW
-Start of 2018 = 1.5 stone+ SW
-Sept 19 - Feb 20 = 3.5 stone on a low carb diet
Then COVID hit and it's been gains since then! Anyway you get the picture!!
I finally decided I have enough and I need more help last month when I considered a gastric ballon. In reaching out for quotes I came round to the idea that actually maybe I need a more permanent and longer term tool to help me to follow a low carb plan (which is the best I've felt on a diet). I'm now booked in for a gastric bypass Sat 8th Oct. Ahead of that I need to try and lose ~45 lbs to get to a BMI 45. Apparently men's fat is distributed differently so I need to get to this BMI to make the operation feasible. Following Exante (VLCD) and/or low carb over the next 3 months to get me ready!

Using this thread to hold myself accountable - going to weigh in on Mondays and also post along the journey to the op. I do hope I can join any others following VLCD/low carb and look forward to watching your journeys too!
Hi just wanted to say your story kind of resonated with me in a way. I guess most of us are old hands at dieting/gaining. I am going to be watching your thread with interest and cheering you on!

I'm currently doing a combination of Exante/Optifast (4 products/day) and since 1st July I have lost 11lbs. Obviously most of that is water weight, but already I feel less bloated and healthier. The first days were a bit tough but I literally took it hour by hour.

I haven't updated my diary yet since I fell off the wagon last year. I probably should at some point!
Hey Katherine, Congrats on the 11lbs - it can't all be water weight so you should celebrate the success! Yes the first 3 days of VLCD from memory are the hardest (and I think I'm one of the luckier ones - I don't get headaches, just have to fight the 'start tomorrow/Monday' demons!!). Let me know if you're start up you're diary again and I'll follow along (when I figure out how to work this site again haha)
Best of luck - I have just started (11/07/22) on SNS and have a similar target/ timeline to yours - 3 stone in 3 months is my target.
Hi Curtis, how are you getting on? Did you manage to start. As you know it gets much easier.

I still haven't started my diary on here again yet but apart from Tuesday (it was my birthday) I have been sticking with the VLCD. But I am a bit worried because I go away on Tuesday for 16 days holiday.

Looking forward to hearing how you are doing.
Hi Curtis. Just wanted to check in and see how you’re doing. I’ll be watching eagerly for your results.