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In Kenya and need CD products

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by chubbynomore, 15 October 2008 Social URL.

  1. chubbynomore

    chubbynomore New Member

    Im 23 years old and overweight. I tried te cambridge diet this year and lost weight in 7 weeks. I couldnt continue coz i was leaving for Kenya.
    I've gained the weight bak and desperate to get it off coz i have a wedding next year march. Cambridge diet products arent available here so is there a way I can order them from abroad, lets say the UK or south africa???


    I'm 16 stone something and 5'6:wave_cry:
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  3. Surfhunny

    Surfhunny Laugh in the face of food

    Hi hun, I don't know if you can order from the UK Cambridge suppliers but I think you can from the USA ones. The only advice I can offer is to get in touch with Cambridge UK's head office, the contact details can be found on their website I think. I've put the link on here - hope it works and that they can help you.
    Cambridge Diet home page

  4. Spanglyrainbow

    Spanglyrainbow Well-Known Member

    Hey hun,

    I hope you have more luck than me! I am desperate to get my hands on CD again (after moving to Canada from the UK). I have emailed all distributors in the USb and none of them ship outside the US (I live about 20 mins from the US border!!) I also emailed the UK main site and they have no way of me getting it in Canada!

    Sorry, to be no help....if you find a way of getting CD where you are - would really appreciate finding out too! :p

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