In my spare time.. what spare time?


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Well im a computer geek, i do everything with computers 90% of the time. (The other 10% is for sleeping, eating, bathing, walking, traveling etc)

I like to play online games, and build web-applications in my spare time. I also do a lot of online chat too (IRC).

Cooking is also another major hobbie i have, i love to cook, and i love to eat.

same here , i spend most my time on computers (well everynight really)

in my spare time i cook clean walk gym and ice stake!

but i love computers too!

enjoy your food lol! x:)
All my spare time is spent on here. Well it is my life line. Although I am only working one morning next week so must do some studying for my open university course....I have been a bit slack lately, especially since sending in my TMA01.
What spare time exactly!!! I'm up between 5 and 6 am with my 11 month old, and he's my pride and joy, but a real rocket so I spend all day looking after him (and maybe I have a little gander in here when he's asleep.)

I love reading so if I ever get 'spare' time that's nearly always my first choice! After that it's trying to watch all those loads of box sets of DVD's i've got of which I'm currently through various stages of episodes and completely confused about whats going on! I'm also doing a creative writing course and have to do assignments (no deadline there thank god, but it can get pushed to the back of the queue). I really need more 'spare' time.