Indian Style Curry with Rice - new recipe rant


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OK sorry beforehand but I have to rant!

I was just online with a customer service rep b*tching about the new recipe and why couldn't they have taken a survey before changing the formula.. and I noticed they've brought out a plethora of new products - WHY if they're going to be just as foul? The mousse-y airy texture is not for everyone and so far, all their new meals have it INCLUDING my beloved curry. Do they think calling it something different will jog everyone's tastebuds? It's bad enough we're ravenous, so at least give us tasty back! ok rant over
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I can't say that I blame you.
I did Exante, very successfully 2 years ago and the food was fine. I didn't try mousakka or the beef one (can't rememeber what it was called but was told it was vile). The curry was my favourite meal and was right up there with the chilli. They axed the chilli and changed the curry. I bought some Exante stuff in December and had to sell it on to a friend as the recipes had changed and someone had stolen the taste. Trying to get Exante food in the old packs is a nightmare. The shakes are ok, new or old, but the meals are vile. Such a shame too. I just have the shakes and bars now and use them for 5:2 the meals and their mousse type texture is horrendous.

Good luck and I hope that you can hunt down some 'old style' packs. They are out there if you look on the FB diet sales pages, I've found some so reckon that you can too :)