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Instant frozen yoghurt


Gone fishing
I've just made this and it's yummy.

Take some frozen fruit. I used some from a bag of summer berries.

Wizz it up with some yoghurt and sugar (sweetener if you wish).

No need to thaw fruit, or even freeze. Eat immediately. Tastes like a creamy, fruity slushpuppy :)
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Gone fishing
Aww. Come sit by me and you can have a spoonful. Just one mind you, my need is greater :D


Gone fishing
Pierce said:
Oh dear, some silver has come off the spoon!!

Silver? Ah yes, I painted it with Early Learning spray paint this morning. Now you may lick the bowl ;)

PS. I ate half and have put the other half in the freezer. I am hoping it won't go solid. If it does I'll put it in the m/wave and then mash it up. Even the kids really liked it. Okay, I only let them have a spoonful ;)


Gone fishing
Hmm, if i dont feel well in a few hours, ill call the hospital!
Don't worry....I'll call them now :)

Btw, was it a "tea" spoon? or a table spoon? or a salad spoon?
Well....this was my one. (I labelled it incase you weren't sure what it was) :D



Gone fishing
....and this is what you used:D
Don't blame me...that's the one you picked up! ;)



Silver Member
Thanks Karrion ,
will definitely try that one, sounds scrummy but forgive me if i bring my own spoon lol ! :eek:

Off to asda soon to get me some frozen summer fruits to impatient to freeze my own :eek:

Take care x
Slimming World Syn Free Chips.....
Does what it says on the tin.

peel and chop tates into chip-like shape
par boil for about 8 mins
heat oven to about 190
spray tin foil / baking tray with Fry Light
drain chips well
place on tray
spray with fry Light
Bung in oven for a bit
Turn, spray again
wait till they are brow enough for your liking.......

put scrummy chips on plate, dollop on ketchup ( 1 syn per level tbsp!!) and scoff you your hearts content!


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