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Introductions...? Pretty please? x

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Hey, I just kinda wanted to get to know everyone better, still feeling slightly like an outsider because I'm new, and only found this part of the site today would you believe?! I know, I'm a little slow :p

So, I was just wondering what everyone did with themselves, apart from losing weight! I'm a full time student, in my final year at Liverpool Uni, and hoping to do a PGCE in secondary teaching next year. I have an amazing boyfriend although we do fight quite a lot, and live in a house with my best friend, who I went travelling with last summer, and two smelly boys who laugh at me whenever I do exercise DVD's!

Sorry, I know a lot of you already know each other, I just thought it'd be nice, particularly for anyone who joined recently :)

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actually i was thinking of starting a thread like this a few days ago [just got busy] was thinking lots of ppl have started over new year so WELL DONE ON GETTING STARTED.

im Preet, im a high school teacher [yes scary teenagers!] i have about 3 stone to loose untill my target. live with my folks :( but have a wonderful BF who i adore and to my suprice adores me hahaha

I did CD a few years ago lost 2stone but over 3 years have put it on again. i now was to loose weight through CC and exercise.

come on ladies [and men altho none have left messages yet] spill the beans!
well here goes...............

Im Danielle, im 23. im engaged to my gorgeous fiance chris, and im getting married 2/05/2010. My fiance and i own a sandwich shop and a cafe. (going quite well considering the credit crunch).

i have approx 2stone to lose and i am very happy doing this calorie counting, as i know its mroe about a life change, not just a quick weight loss.
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Hi Bexx
I'm Sharon, I have about 7 stone to lose. I'm a single mum to Olivia who is 5 going on 15.
I have a really exciting job (not) working in a cab office.
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This is interesting, and what a nice bunch of ladies we have on the board :)

Well I'm a housewife/mum and I live in the Rock of Gibraltar, which for those without a geography degree, is a british colony in southern Spain lol. I have a gorgeous little 'soon to be one year old'. A lovely little blessing, as my eldest son is 17 years old and I never thought I'd have anymore, but hey, never say never! :D

I am married to a wonderful, kind and loving Irishman who adores us all and doesn't mind the intense heat of living in the mediterranean, (but does hop down the street from one shady spot on the pavement to another!) I am blessed with a beautiful family and a wonderful home too so all I need now is the figure to match lmao! :)


wants to get super fit!
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Hi Bex, I'm in the same boat as you - only joined yesterday so would also be pleased to make new friends on here!
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I'm Natasha, 35, living in South Wales. Married with 2 cats and 2 motorbikes :D For my sins (and boy there most have been a load of them committed somewhere along the line!) I am a Training Manager, facing redundnacy in the summer and having to counsel 60 staff in prep for this since 2007 :sigh:

Love calorie counting as it's hardly like dieting at all, and is the most healthiest way of losing weight ;)

I have about a stone and a half to lose, but am taking it slow and steady this time. Being only 5'2" and of a curvy disposition, every llb shows and I constantly have to work at it :( so this time when it comes off, it's staying off :whoopass: lol
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Just started CC. I have about 7 stone to lose also and feel that this is the right diet to do it. I am married and have a 6 months old baby girl.
With the right motivation, i feel i really can do this.
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hi there, just joined myself, 3 stone to loose, hopefully on the bodytrim diet.
I am a 38 year old petrol tanker driver, so sit on my but for a good part of the day then spend up to an hour lifting heavy hoses and chasing my arse on petrol station forecourts, i also have 4 dogs which i walk for about an hour daily so you think that i wouldn't have a weight problem, but i do, and i know it.
I haven't tried anything like this before either so giving it a go. i have my first wiegh in tommorow so hoping for a few pounds off too give me a boost. GOOD LUCK
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Hello, I'm another newbie. I need to lose 4 stone and I'm going to give calorie counting a go and would be greatful for any tips and support.


wants to get super fit!
S: 13st8lb C: 13st2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.7 Loss: 0st6lb(3.16%)
Hello, I'm another newbie. I need to lose 4 stone and I'm going to give calorie counting a go and would be greatful for any tips and support.
Hello and welcome! My name's Nic and I'm only on day 3 of my diet and I'm also doing my own thing! I think you'll really find this site a great help - I have! It's a great place to just chat with other people who REALLY know the score. While my hands are typing , they're not feeding my mouth and to be honest, once I've been on the site my resolve hardens and I just become more determined. I hope it has the same effect on you. Good luck!
S: 16st0lb C: 11st11lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 4st3lb(26.34%)
Hi Nic, good luck to you too. I think it definately helps, being able to chat to other people in the same boat, facing the same struggles and temptations.
hey im 19!
have 2-3 stone to loose :) i work full time in a leisure centre :) so really i shudnt be lol
singleeee and live at home lol boring i am actually haha!!!
im new too!!!! so we can do it :) good luck x

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