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IPOD help

I went to the itunes store and then selected podcasts and then searched for it there to download. It then goes into 'podcasts' on your ipod when you want to find it.

I think that's what I did anyway, it was ages ago!! The one I have is called 5k101.com and was free if that's any help.

Coljak - it's a track which tells you when to walk and run, building up your running times till you can run without dying!
don't think it's an audio track from what I've googled.. it's an actual app that lets you tick off your completed goals and play your music while you do the program..
The one i've got is a track, well a series of tracks, one for each week.

There are apps as well for the iphone, but there's also a lot of similar podcasts which you can download from itunes, some you pay for and some are free.
Mine is a free app called Get Running, which I found through a link from the Runners World website.

The advantage of it being an app, and not a track, is that you use your ipod as an ipod at the same time, so you can listen to your own music, and the app just tells you when you need to change between walking & running, and occasionally interrupts to let you know how far you've got.

But it looks as though for the nano you have to have it as a podcast, rather than an app.

If you google ipod nano c25k there seem to be several available.

Sorry I can't help more!
ok after a bit of searching and updating my i-tunes so I could actually get on the apps part of it, it looks like the app isn't nano compatible..
says Iphone, Ipod touch and Ipad.. doesn't mention nano..
though the new nano is touch screen isn't it?
The one for the nano, or ipod is not an app - it's a podcast, downloaded from the podcast section of the itunes store.


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thank you ever so much. i tried doing the run this morning with my stopwatch but it was too dark to see the numbers.
have brought my nano to work today but left the lead at home. so i will have a go tomorrow.x
Hmmn, it's been so long since I set up my itunes account I can't remember if you actually have to add a debit card to the account to be able to download the free things.
Taken from the C25k website -

How to add mp3 files to your iPod: First save the mp3 files to your hard disk. Then open iTunes and under “File”, go to “Add File to Library”. Browse for the file and add it. Then in iTunes add the file to your iPod.



Loves Norman Reedus
thank you very much.

my son went onto itunes and found a free one. it is all Christian music, which initially i was a bit anti, but i used it yesterday and found it very good.

thanks xx

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