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Is anybody else obsessed with food programmes or am I just weird?!!


no not just you, I watch the programmes and read cookery books.


Winning a losing battle!
That's a relief, thought I was rather strange and developing a strange obsession!

Can't wait to try all of the healthy recipes when I get into maintenance!!


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I'm the same, but for the first time I'm enjoying looking at recipes and thinking about how I can adapt them to make them healthier. I can't wait to experiment when I reach maintenance and I can't wait to enjoy healthy food!


Going for Goal!
Nope, I've recently started watching 'come dine with me' since 'great british menu' has finished, and friday night's Gordan Ramsay is a fave too.

Very odd that we torture ourselves with these tv programmes!

Hugs x x x
I am watching indood made easy right now , have master chef, market kitchen and come dine with me int he planner to watch later!!

I love them!!!

Mind you I love cooking!



A pound at a time
You can count me. I love watching iron chef and some other local cooking shows. I also try to find and jot down new healthier recipes that I can try later.
Am just checking in while it's a commercial break for River Cottage!!!

Glad I am not the only one lovin the foodie shows!!
I've weaned myself off them a bit now but used to be very obsessed. when i was on maternity leave i sat watching uktv food all day. OH loved it cos he always got a decent evenning meal!!
still enjoy them, and like someone else mentioned i like to think abot how i could adapt them to suit my diet, but mostly they make me want to eat!!
We all like watching food programmes in our house, OH is a keen cook. I'm enjoying putting the extra effort in for the famillies evening meal just now and its not bothering me diet wise.


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I love them! watched a bit of rick stein and Im not a seafood fan but think Id like to explore new tastes more often after this diet.
I can't watch them. I have also noticed since I started this diet that every magazine I open is full of recipes and diets and most TV programmes I watch seem to involve people eating and drinking! I think I am becoming similar to an ex smoker who can't stand people who smoke!


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Phew, Im so relieved, thought I was the only one! Im so addicted, guess its because I cant have the food.
Love come dine with me and masterchef, etc etc too:D
I also love Come Dine With Me...not really for the food cos I cant cook!!! but for Dave Lamb's sarcastic comments :D

Watched Masterchef too whilst drinking my tetra brick LOL!!!

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