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Is it just me or are there alot of us....


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Hi Louisa, if you are actively trying to conceive then you shouldn't be SSing...only 1200 will give you the nutrients you need. I'd also go for something like Pregnacare rather than just folic acid to ensure you are getting all your vitamins.

Of course if you are losing weight in order to then conceive, ignore everything I've just put!

Good luck with it, I'm also trying! - Joe


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Hi Polishrose, sounds like a good plan. I was about to start a diet when I conceived for my first one, everyone told me I'd never fall pregnant at 17.4 stones (okay, it did take me 12 years!). The pregnancy was horrid, I can't begin to tell you how awful it was, so I definitely want to take off as much as I can this time, whilst also knowing if I did it once I can do it again, although I've got practicalities put in place to help me this time...such as having a toilet put in the bedroom and a bed that automatically sits me up! I am one stone lighter than I was last time but it would be good to get to two stones lighter, just to give my joints a helping hand :)

Good luck with it, glad there are a few of us in the same boat - JOe
hi yeah sorry i meant once i loose my weight most def!!!

i am so large at the moment my periods are irregular so i wouldnt have a chance to concieve at the moment....

i wish us all luck and thank you for posting!!
Hi, I'm also hoping for another baby after I've lost my weight, I have PCOS and haven't had periods for about 8 years, however since starting CD I've had 2 so I'm almost becoming regular lol! I get married in May so this time next year hope to be pregnant!

Corinne x


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Hi Louisa, if you are not trying to actively conceive then there is no need to take Folic acid at the moment. Once you start trying then take it from the first day of your period and continue to take it from then on! I hate taking the vits every day as it reminds me that I still haven't fallen pregnant yet but have worked my way through 3 packets of Pregnacare!

Hi Corinne, I also have PCOS but am fortunate in that I have regular periods...God awful ones mind, but they are regular, just a slightly longer cycle than most. Sounds like CD is helping already though if you've already had 2!

Good luck everyone - Joe
I take it now anyway just in case(not trying but not preventing)..I have had 3 pregnancies at a high weight and one at a lower weight...the lower weight one was sooo much better...I know I could cope with it but I woukld much prefer to be slimmer.


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I am really hoping to get my weight down as I really am convinced a lower weight will equal a better pregnancy!

I've just had a plumber around to get me a price for an en suite, one of the hardest things for me was getting out of get (got a new bed to help with that) but also going down stairs to the toilet several times a night when I could hardly walk...an en suite is a must this time, so hope it's affordable. They can't start work until February which should still be enough time!

Lets hope we all fall when we want to! Joe
I keep looking at all the BFP's on Fertility Friend and wishing it was me-LOL.Keep telling myself to be patient and wait just a few short months to lose at least half of what I want to lose and then we can start trying.I want to be a size 16 before we start trying, as I know I can manage it at that weight and won't struggle like I did when I was a size 28.


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I'm with you on that Polishrose, I was a size 26 when I fell pregnant and it really was the hardest 8 months of my life...obviously the end result was worth it 1000 times over, but it's not something I'm keen to repeat! I am 'saving' sole source though until after the baby is born as that will be my last sole source ever, I intend to get to my target weight of 11 stones and stay there, but I don't want to do that before falling pregnant as I know I may gain a minimum of 3 stones...although I'd love to day dream and imagine that I won't :) Denial is a lovely planet! x

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