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Is it just me

Yeeeeeeehhhh, I came home the other day n said to my house mate "have you just had, cheese and salad cream sandwiches"

and he was like yeh 2 hours ago lol


I will be skinny again!!!
Lol yeah, i think its just your brain telling you things :)

Ignore it though lol!!
Def! i was walking down the high street last night and memories of Cairo came back to me. It was the smell from a restaurant. I had never really noticed it before. If only it had been as warm as Cairo!
yep also noticed that i am like a sniffer dog

its all good though i actually like having this super human sense of smell its coool
Yeah I noticed too.
It's bl--dy awful - my other half dared sit in the same room as me last night with a beefburger !the smell tormented me to hell - which was strange as I never eat them anyway


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Yeah - its just your body and taste buds changing!
My mum was cooking chips the other in the chipper and i urged so bad from the smell - it was rank!! lets hope it stays that way and i dont want greasy, fried fatty chips again!
oh yes! Its so bad that this morning i could smell next doors fry up. I can now smell their dinner :(

we are doing up our kitchen so the walls are thinner between ours and theirs. Torture!
Yes, that's just one of the changes. I remember the first time I woke up smelling toast, and I was alone in the apartment. I thought I was having a stroke or something, but it was the neighbour downstairs who had toast on. After a month, I found that my tastebuds had actually changed quite a bit too.


I will be skinny again!!!
shush... We will just say that we will... Trick our minds into thinking we dont like it any more!!
i dont like fatty foods to much tbh i just find it easier to make them since i was little ive been into salads, cabbage broccoli etc just it takes longer to prepare etc so i think after LT ill easy go to healthy with the odd treat.


I will be skinny again!!!
I love healthy food too..

My mum just never makes it lol!!

My big problem was work..
The canteen always has the worst food on you have ever seen!!

And i would always end up going to Mcdonalds and subway and kfc etc...

And the days i would bring lunch with me.. i would eat it at my desk before my first break and be hungry again at lunch time...

and add a few packs of crisps in between there and maybe some chocolate and lots and lots and lots of Fizzy drinks!!

And hey wallah... here i am!! lol
yeah its same with me too many late night takeaways and mcdonalds tea's at work and no healthy food in works diner. id have a salad sandwhich on a bit of brown bread with a light dash of salad cream anyday
I'm a big sniffer these days!!! Love the smell but am happy with that! The children now automatically let me sniff their food. Mmmmmmm! Sad aren't I!!!!!



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Yeeeeeeehhhh, I came home the other day n said to my house mate "have you just had, cheese and salad cream sandwiches"

and he was like yeh 2 hours ago lol
haha thats called stalkin!!!

but yeah my sence of smell is getting silly! doesnt help that i sniff yummy stuff constantly.. and also my 2nd job is next door to a take away!!!!! :break_diet:
Lol yes it is to torture us. My OH eats pizza in our apartment, which is a tiny room apartment so theres no getting away from it.