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Is slimming world as confidential as you think!


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Just a thought, but how can your weight at Slimming World be private? I got my club 10 award last night, with my con. saying that I had so far lost 2st 8.5lb. So anyone with a brain can convert that to lbs, times by 10, then convert back into st and lb to get my starting weight!
I don't mind sharing with you how much I started at, because I don't meet you, you don't know me! But I wonder how many (if any) in my class now know I started my journey at a whopping 24st 9!
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Yes they could. But why would they? Like here, everyone at SW is there for the same reason and I don't think anyone really cares about how much anyone else weighs. I used to be really sensitive about my weight then I realised - my weight is there for all to see, I am fat and everyone can see that, the numbers make no difference.


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Personally I wouldn't be sat there working it out... I'd be too busy congratulating the person who had done so well! I'm always amazed when the consultant says so-and-so has lost x amount of weight because I know it's something they have worked really hard for.

Like the pp said it doesn't bother me that someone started out at x amount of stones... what matters is that we are all on similar journies with the same end goal... to reach target.

Well done btw for reaching club 10!!


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Agree with Taz - no-one really cares what people weight at SW, we are all there for the same reason.
I am at target but I still see myself as someone with a weight problem, hence the reason I keep going. Fat or thin, big or small, we are all there for the same reason - to be healthy and slim, for life.
I doubt anyone would be bothered to work out your weight Rosie, they will just be pleased with your achievements.

Well done for your Club 10 - it's a fantastic milestone!! x


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S: 24st6lb C: 22st11lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 56.5 Loss: 1st9lb(6.73%)
maybe they could change where they say your weight is never revealed, as it could be if you reach your club 10 target, unless other consultants do it dif to mine.
I don't know, maybe it's just me being anal, as I have a number fixation and have to count, everything, and I mean everything!
(yes there is a name for it, and it s actually a medical condition, like compulsively having to have everything in it's place)


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Hi Rosie,
It takes a bit more maths to work it out so please, please don't worry.

Take mine for example - I started SW at 13 stone, I needed to lose 19lb to get my club ten weight of 11stone 9lb.

If you multiplied that 19lb by ten to get 190lb then turned it back into stones, it comes out at 13stone 8lb which was not my starting weight.

People really can't be bothered to work out the maths, honestly!!
Admittedly, it can be done but it would take time!
I wouldnt be able to work it out anyway I am useless at maths.:eek::eek:


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why would it matter anyways honey XXX yeah you were one weight when you started and now you are different it doesn matter what anyone else thinks and you should never feel like you have to hide any of those numbers you made a hard decision to start a club and do something about your weight because you felt it was high, personally i don't give a monkeys i think hey if i can stand here and be weighed each week and see it falling off who cares that number is only important for it's for you to look at and think hey i am never gonna see that again think of it as being something to be proud of instead of something you don't want people to see that number represents all your hard work because it's your past and it's a bench mark for how far you have come, congratulations i think it's fab you reached your club 10 XX


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Blimey I'd have to sit in class with a calculator every week to work anything out ... I agree with the others, I doubt very much that how much you weigh is of any interest to the other members, all we want to do at class is share success with others, help if people are struggling and most of all get motivation. You probably motivated someone to drive on and get their club 10 which is great so enjoy that.


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If you didn't want your SWC to reveal anything then they wont. You can tell them that you'd prefer your club 10 not to be revealed.
weldone on your club 10............ lets face it when u get down to your goal weight, u will be tellin everybody what you weigh and how much u have lost.............good luck...


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Any time I have ever been a member of any slimming club, I have never worked out what sometimes weight must be and don't care if people know my weight. Like taz said earlier, people have eyes, so cannot see the point in it bothering me. I am only sensitive about it when i am not doing something about it!
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I know what you mean rosinakathleen, when you have a lot to lose, like me, it can be a bit embarrassing with people knowing how much you weigh. One of the girls at work reached a club 10 and some of the other girls worked out what she weighed and were making comments about it. Sadly even though it is only a number, it is only one that I would rather others didnt know!!!!


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congrats on getting the club 10, i am no good at maths so could never work out what any of them would be couldnt even work out my own.
maybe have a word with the leader for future awards and things, i personally love to hear how much people have lost, as a big person myself with loads to lose it it very motivational and proves to mind that it does work.

well done again
I think we all probably worry too much about what other people are thinking at classes etc. I know when I went to classes before I hated the idea that the person handing out your wi card and the person taking the money saw your weight. Now Im helping out I know I dont have the time (or inclination if Im honest) to look at anyones weight but before I did it, it really was something that bothered me


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I just wanted to congratulate you on your loss, never mind what folk think just know you have done very well and should be proud of yourself!! I for one would be rubbish at converting as I was trying to do my hubbys weight from lbs to stone and got it wrong lol. He sorted it himself so he is on the proper track now and I won't be helping him again I will leave the maths to him x


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I think everyone's too busy worrying about their own weight to think about what other folk are doing :D

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