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Is SW as confusing as it looks?!


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I've been on this site for about a month and it seems like most people who post are following Slimming World and I don't seem to understand half of the things posted.... Green / Red / Hex / Extra Easy / Syns!! Im fascinated.

I've lost half a stone with ww with a long way to go and really keen to get as many ideas / tips as possible.

I'm thinking about trying sw down the line but not sure I'd actually be able to follow it! I also live abroad and don't think there's Slimming World groups here but mostly I'm just totally curious. I'm not trying to cheat the system and get the materials without paying or anything I just can't even begin to understand how it works!! And it obviously does work as the losses people record on here are amazing :)
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I haven't found it too confusing but it is important to read the books to understand it. Therefore it might be worthwhile getting them off eBay or something.

A quick overview of the 3 plans
Original - good for people that like meat and few carbs. 2 of each hex
Green - good for vegetarians and those that love pasta, rice and potatoes. Again you can have 2 of each hex.
Extra easy - (this is the one I love). As much meat and pasta etc as you like and only 1 of each hex. This one allows you to feel you are having a 'normal' meal lol

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Thanks Little Strawberry. I'm not thinking about doing it now (maybe later on down the line as I'm quite happy with ww and there's no groups here) I'm just completely curious! Don't think I understand what a hex is, meanwhile I love the idea of a diet where you can have 'As much meat and pasta etc as you like'!!
And you didn't even mention syns?!
There is a sticky thread on here which details all the plans. Worth looking at. Its not complicated, but it is very different to ww so might take you time to get used to it x


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Thanks kingleds. I had a look at the sticky and it's definitely a bit clearer now. I'm sure that once you know what Healthy Extras are then it's relatively easy to follow. As I said it's not something I'm planning to do, at least not at the moment, I've just been sooo confused and so curious that I had to ask!!

eye6769, I'm in Tel Aviv...
Healthy extras are basically measured amounts of fibre & calcium. Being based in tel aviv i imagine you would find the brands are different though!


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Tel aviv haha , I dont even know where that is, so no wonder you dont have a slimming world clubs there, suppose you could join online.


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Hi all. Not planning to join sw (not yet anyway as quite happy with ww for the time being) I just can't begin to tell you how curious I was!!

Ps Tel Aviv's in Israel. All the literature at ww is in Hebrew (which I don't speak!) so I literally just go and get weighed and me and the leader do thumbs up when I've had a good week!! It's probably getting a bit carried away with myself but if I manage to lose the 30kg that I'm aiming for I've had ideas of starting up an English speaking group here... Maybe instead I could start the first ever SW group?!? :)