Is this the Diet for me ???

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  1. johninspain

    johninspain Member

    I dont want to start a diet that isnot suited to me !!!

    I am Male 28 and 125kg !!!! I have a really sweet tooth and meed a diet i can do online as im out here in Spain ! Oh and i HATE feeling Hungry...............

    So its between WW or SW depending on what you guys recomend !!!
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  3. Mags12

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    Hi John :)

    Happy new year! I have followed both plans and I prefer WW just because with work and family commitments I don't always have the time to cook, WW fits in more for me that I can grab a sandwich or a ready meal and know I can stick to plan.

    I know lots of people have had brilliant successes with SW though and if you don't like counting points etc it would be better, if you don't mind the counting then WW wins for me everytime :)

    On the SW website there's a 7 day meal plan so you could take a look and see what it's like? Loads of info on the WW website as well although it's just the pro points plan they're running now where you get your daily points and 49 extra to use as well in a week. Most fruit and veg are 0 points and of course on SW you have lots of 'free food' that you can eat until you're satisfied.

    Good luck whatever you decide :)
  4. johninspain

    johninspain Member

    thanks for the reply !!!

    ive joined ww !!!!

    ill start tomorrow, just been looking round the site and i cant seam to find info on things like tea and coffee with mikl and sugar etc ?????

    im aloud 59 points per day and 49 in the week, not sure how the week ones work ?
  5. missybct

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    Weight Watchers
    Hi John, welcome to Minimins. I think WW is the best option - if you have a sweet tooth you can still have treats on plan, whereas I think SW promotes more natural eating, so less treats.

    Black tea and black coffee are free but you have to point for whatever you put in your tea - for instance a teaspoon of sugar is 1 propoint, and depending on what milk you use (skimmed, semi or whole) and how much, the points will adjust accordingly.

    The 59 points a day is pretty self explanatory, but the 49 points are there for extra - if you go out for a meal or have a special occasion. Some people are reluctant to use them but a lot of people have lost weight using them all, so it really is trial and error. For example, I used 10 of my weekly allowance last night to have a couple of drinks.

    I hope that helps, and if you have any questions just shout!

  6. johninspain

    johninspain Member

    Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. old_user45

    old_user45 Silver Member

    Welcome, and good luck!!!

  8. Wannabe10stone

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    Hello!! Just wanted to wish you luck!

    I have been on both SW and WW - and WW is where I consistantly lose weight. I let myself go over the last few months, joined SW and lost a few pounds but then didnt lose anymore - so I am back to WW .... and nearly at the end of my first week again - feeling more energetic and positive !!!


  9. Minnie!

    Minnie! Full Member

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    Good luck John
    Ww is a good choice xxx
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