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Is this the Diet for me ???


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I have done both and would say that with WW you will have points to spend as you wish, so if you want sweet stuff you can but will be left hungry if you use all your points.
With SW you have plenty of free foods so will never go hungry and the free foods are filling e.g. meat, eggs, pasta..depending on what plan you choose.
Plus you get 15 syns which you can use on sweet things. Fat free yoghurts are mainly syn free and there are lots of dessert recipes which are low syn online too.
The principles of SW using fresh foods might make it easier to follow in spain, as I could imagine it being a pain trying to find out points values for spanish products - Just a thought.

I've done both and love SW. I love that I can eat loads, and it's all good, wholesome food too, and I usually have good losses on the plan too.

Be careful with any diet that indulges your sweet tooth too much, after all there's a reason that they're not health foods! That's one reason why I love SW, encouraging healthy eating and teaching correct portions for things like treats - with WW I found I was eating crap because I had the points allowance, and wasn't losing weight - I guess it's obvious really that we can't expect to eat the same as before and lose weight, something has to change!

Good luck!!
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I cant really add anymore than what has been said ... Ive tried WW and SW ..... and yes I was hungry with WW because once u hve reached your daily points limit ,,, then u cant nibble anything else ... but with SW ... i know I can still eat some fruit or yoghurt etc .. there is always something that i can eat if i am hungry. I dont look at it like a diet ... its just teaching me how to eat healthy which is something we havent been doing so I think SW is brill!!!


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I think asking what plan you should follow on SW forum has fairly predictable replies....lol. Might be an idea to post the same question on the WW forum ( if you haven't already )and then weigh up the replies from both to see which plan may suit you.

For me personally, I like both plans but it depends what frame of mind I am in! SW is definitely great if you have a large appetite and don't want to count everything that passes your lips....on the other hand, following WW and planning carefully so I get maximum food for my points makes me feel really in control and tbh, sometimes I need my food 'restricted' as I find my portion sizes get out of control lol.


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I think SW all the way!
I have done SW for exactly a year now and hit my target within 3 months and have maintained ever since. I like you have a sweet...and savoury tooth haha!

SW allows me the freedom to eat healthily whilst eating the things that i enjoy.
I also did SW without going to a class, purely as i couldnt afford it. I found with forums like this i could do it alone!

If you ever need any help or advice please message me !!

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I'd say SW if you don't like feeling hungry as already mentioned with WW you have a limited amount of points to eat. But with SW you have an unlimited amount of free food. Also you can have Alpen lights as a hexb which will feed your sweet tooth.


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I like my food ... and thats why i love Slimming World.

I did do Weightwatchers, but found it very restictive with the points system. When your points have gone for the day, and you are still hungry, thats not good :( .. And also if you`re not sure what the points are for something, so you go without it, "just to be safe", and then you`re still hungry .... again, not good :(

I love with SW that there is so much choice of free foods that you can eat and not be hungry ... you can spread so many little treats out through the day, so you don`t feel like you`re going with out, and it works so fast, you see the results so quickly, that in itself is huuuuge motivation .. ask our other resident blokeys ... Maximus, Coljack and Porkypaul .. they have lost stones between, then in just a couple of months :) .....

As for sweet tooth .. heh heh heh .. you`re sooooo not alone there ;) ... but you can have yogurts .. and for only a few syns you can have chocolate, there are loads of examples in the "Syn Value" section ... have a look at this thread for inspiration:


Good luck with which ever one you go for ... you`ll get plenty of support which ever one you choose :)

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