It was my own fault


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Glad you're OK. I really felt that I was living the experience with you! Your description was so vivid I could feel it!

Joking aside, have you ever considered writing a book? I was gripped by what you wrote, and reading fast to get to the end to check you were OK.
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Bless ya, honey - I'm so glad you're ok!!!!

It must have been so terribly frightening for you!!!!

I would have been beside myself - ooh hospitals - eeeek!!!!

(Mind you - you should have flashed yer knickers at the peeping tom!!)


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Bloomin Heck KD, I dont pop on for a day and this is what happens, hope you are ok hun, and not feeling too shaky, a gall stone attack is scary, not that Ive had one, but my hiatus hernia attacks are supposed to be similar so I fully sympathise.

Hope you are feeling better x

PS, I know from my mum that the pain is in the chest and not where the gall bladder is, we often thought that it would be a blue light job before she had hers taken out, and the main thing thast cuased the pain was cheese and bread for her :(


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Diet-wise, i am off the wagon until Jan, just cant get my head around dieting at the mo, too much going on! Just hoping to maintain until Jan then start again, ready for the summer! I have about 2 stone to go, so not too much! Hopefully it wont take too long!

I reckon you'll get back okay. New year, new start. Roll on Spring eh :)


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PS, I know from my mum that the pain is in the chest and not where the gall bladder is, we often thought that it would be a blue light job before she had hers taken out, and the main thing thast cuased the pain was cheese and bread for her :(

Did she find anything to help the pain when it happened (besides leaving off the cheese and bread)?

I've had the pain on and off all day. Nothing like last night though thankfully.

Felt very sleepy too, but managed to give piano lessons, albeit less than my usual animated self.

Keep dropping off to sleep and would you believe it? Woke up to find my face is swelling:confused::confused: What on earth is that. No pain in face, but there's a hard lump near my mouth. Must be tooth related.

OMG. I'm falling to bits.

Anyway...the pain...been taking ibuprofen and it seems to have settled now. Think I'll have to pop into dentist tomorrow. I know I have a broken maybe the reason for the swelling? Either that or I'm allergic to morphine:confused:

Oh bother. Never pain..I'm awake. What more can a gal want :D


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I am sooo glad you are okay. Can you go to bed and get some rest at all? I really hope by the time tomorrow comes you'll feel completely well again.

Thinking of you - Joe


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Thankyou Joe. Feeling a bit more myself now. Daren't go to bed or I'll be awake and ready for the world at 1:00am :eek:

I've got some antibiotics that the dentist gave me in case of emergency. I've just taken one. Will try to get to dentist for further instructions.

Stupid body:mad:


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glad to hear you're felling a bit better KD
as a nurse i've seen first hand how exrutiating gallstone pain can be (& frightening) but what a story teller you are, must be the artistic nature in you, i guess being a pianist.
painkiller wise, bruffen is good as it's anti-inflamatory as well as pain killing so that'll help the inflamation too.the woozyness is the after effects of the morphine, hun
sending huggs :)


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Thankyou Cheryl.

Feeling much better today. Am a bit of a hampster face and dentist can't see me until Monday morning :( Still....doing some pill popping until then.

Right...someone told me Christmas is approaching:confused: Guess I need to write some cards and find out what people want for Christmas.


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Aww, just seen this - glad you are ok.

Take care of yourself...........



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Thank you Jem. I note your tracker still ticking away the pounds nicely.



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Hi I have been through that too, and yes I agree its the worst pain iv ever experienced, and you cant get comfortable in any position. I had numerous attacks a couple leading to jaundice and another of pancreatitis which I had whilst I was 6 months pregnant. I had numerous tubes down the throat to get rid of the stones but in the end they operated to remove the gallbladder. PHEW relief well no not really as if I eat anything like chips I still get the pain ....but to a less degree......strange ...!