It's working!


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Hi all,

Have been a long time lurker here, and dieter since I was 18 and thought I was huge (when in reality, I was a size 12 and not overweight!)

I've tried CD - yuck! SureSlim - never been so down and hungry. Starvation due to heartbreak (!) - worked but obviously not maintainable!! And now this is my second stab at SW.

Well - I'm sat in meeting after being told I've lost a stone in 5 weeks, with a 3.5lb loss today. I think my head is in the right place now and I'm completely ready to commit. I got married in October, and looked amazing, but didn't slim into my dress as it was a very flattering 50s style anyway. But - I have my honeymoon in the summer (5 weeks in America) and we want to try for children, which I know I need to slim for.

So here I am - a stone lighter, not hungry, not cross, just pretty content and seeing that I can do it!

I have a long way to go - I'd like to lose 5 stone in total - but this is a step in the right direction! And I couldn't do it without this amazing iPhone App!!

H x
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It's brilliant isn't it? I never thought a diet could actually make me HAPPY but SW does. :)


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I love SW! Glad it's finally working for you :)


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Well done, so glad it's working for you!


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Welcome to the board and well done on your amazing loss. I love SW at the moment as it is perfect for me being pregnant. This is my 2nd pregnancy and I've only gained 9lbs. This time (23 weeks) with my 1st I had gained nearly 2stone

Good luck with your journey x


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Thanks all. I'm hoping to lose another stone by Easter, so that I'm back to my 'jeans weight'! It's been too long since those days!

I'm hoping when the day does come, that SW will help me have a baby, as I have PCOS, and I know losing weight will help massively. Good to know it's possible to eat for two and still keep on plan!


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What a lovely opening post!!! Hope it all carries on going well for you which I'm sure it will


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Thats Brilliant! I love SW as you never feel deprived. Good luck with your ongoing success xx


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Your story sounds just like mine! I couldn't agree more that your head has to be in the right place for any diet to work, stay positive and good luck! xx