i've done it again

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by cddietgal, 24 February 2008 Social URL.

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  1. cddietgal

    cddietgal Full Member

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    What the hell is wrong with me!:mad: I am so cross with myself :mad:
    I made the family meatloaf,mash,carrots+ swede mash,peas and gravy and was working on there pudding whilst they were eating and I 'sneaked' 2 x dessert spoons of mash and carrots :cry:

    Why do i do it? Its so hard this time round :wave_cry:I have my weigh in on Tuesday,havn't weighed in for 3 weeks and according to my scales I have lost about 2lb and no inch :confused:

    someone pPLEASE slap to and tell me to stop messing around and wasting money!
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  3. cddietgal

    cddietgal Full Member

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    dodgy bloody keyboard makes it look like my spelling is bad or words are mixed up :mad:
  4. Dutch

    Dutch Goodbye Tum

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    Consider yourself smacked, slapped and generally roughed up.

    Now, lets forget it, start again and don't put anything in your mouth you shouldn't do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tomorrow is another day, keep smiling, you'll do it xx
  5. icemoose

    icemoose The Diet Guy

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    Don't diet anymore!
    Slapping you will achieve nothing CDDG :)

    What you need to do is to step back, relax and ask yourself what the benefit was of having those 2 mouthfuls as there must have been one otherwise you wouldn't have had them.

    Everything you do has a benefit and even if that benefit was that you didn't want to not have it, then that is a benefit.

    When you realise what that benefit is then you can take steps to stop it next time.

    Take learnings from everything you do and you can't fail, you have to succeed :)

  6. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

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    Hey CDdietgal......please don't be so hard on yourself !!! what plan are you on ????

    maybe it's time for 790 ??? so you could have something to eat with the family.......you are right - it is so much harder second (or third !!) time around - not sure why BUT the first time seems to be the 'golden time'.........

    try to channel your anger and frustration with yourself into the desire to succeed with CD - maybe keep a diary to record your feelings so you remember how you feel when you have a blip....or try writing down your goals and the reasons ahy you want to lose weight.....along with a photo of you at your heaviest (if you have one).....anything to get you motivated and remind you WHY you're following this plan......


    Debz xx
  7. Mrs B

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    CDDietGal this diet is hard. You have done nothing to deserve a slap. We all make mistakes.

    We are all relearning how to eat and how to avoid our past mistakes. That, for me, is what this journey is about. If you were back at school would you expect get every question right in an exam? Then why expect yourself to manage 100% on this diet? It is too much to expect from anyone. Yes, you will have to do some thinking about why you ate but this will help for the next time.

  8. Julesy

    Julesy Likes being a girly girl

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    Cambridge Diet
    Hi honey........am going through something very similar so I know how you are feeling!

    Don't be so hard on yourself though, you have done brilliantly well.....as has been mentioned and as I am doing starting Tuesday (or whenever I get back into ketosis) try the 790 plan......
    I'm going to try this plan as it will mean I can sit down with my children on a night time and have a meal with them and not feel so deprived or let them see me feeling so angry and upset at myself......

    (((((((huge hugs))))))))
  9. Mumof2girls

    Mumof2girls Full Member

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    Hi... I have been there also today... Day 10 for me, been flying all along and caved in doing the famiy dinner also... so I ate a bit of chicken, veg and a little roast potato. Anyways... try and make sure you dont go off the rails, earlier I was inclined to just 'give up' as I had failed again... or maybe just binge for the night. Well I'm not, I'm human, like everyone else here, sometimes its hard, sometimes we give in just that little, and I am back. Gonna have my last shake (only had one other today) and be back on track 100% again tomorrow. To be honest, I had been playing with eating something little this weekend since Friday, so I didn't do too bad after all. Best of luck.. You can do it. xxx
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