ive found the stash!!


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ahhh haaaaaaaaaa........

ive found his secret hiding place for Christmas pressies.......

there all in the boot of his car...all wrapped, so i cant peek at whats inside.....ohhh the temptation......and hes not home till 9.30pm...so i could unwrap them, and rewrap them by then!!!!
Now don't be naughty!! (is there one for me!! is there !! is there!!)
hehe! thats my hiding place too!

dont peek tho! you'll feel guilty until the big day and have no nice suprises.

or even worse...you'll hate ur pressies and wanna tell him change them but u wont be able to cos then you'll be busted!!!
You must resist the urge to open them, just hope you like what he has bought .....lol, have you had a good feel that is sometimes a help....hee hee. hope santa gives you what you fancy .....!!!!

Awwwwwwww Devonbabe I remember when I was about 12 or so finding and unwrapping ALL my pressies and then be so disappointed on Christmas Day as no surprises!!

DON'T DO IT!!!!!
Oh me too - I've done that! My mum used to keep my pressies in a big old trunk and one year I knew what all mine were. I was gutted!

It's not worth it, babes - back away from the stash! lol
awwwwwww. ok i will resist!! i guess he would know by my face on Christmas morning....

im not really a 'girly girl' and im worried hes got something too feminine. he came home chuffed to bits the other night...hes got me a certain pressie, that he wasnt sure about, but when he asked/showed his secretary for her opinion she said WOW..

the other week he kept mentioning earrings, and the fact that id worn the same pair since we went on hols in Sept. ( i like these silver and amber)

then he said 'if' i was to buy you some earrings, would you like drops or studs?( i like these ones thanks)

then he tried to confirm that diamonds were my birthday stones..( yep they are, but diamonds dont do it for me)

anyway..turns out he was contemplating buying some VERY expensive diamond earrings...i had to say NO. I DONT WANT THEM. I DONT APPRECIATE PRESENTS LIKE THAT and ID PROBABLY NEVER WEAR THEM or IF I DID I KNOW ID LOSE ONE. I DONT WANT DIAMOND EARRINGS...buy me a Rangemaster cooker instead.....or have the decking/patio done

now....theres nothing small like an earring box in the boot...on the other hand theres not a rangemaster either...

there is a longish box. 2 foot long...1 foot wide and 6inches thick......im wondering whats inside that one?
Hi devonbabe, Both myself and Karen live in Thornbury, not far from derriford hospital, we are both mates as our kids are in the same class, nice to know someone else is nearby. Where abouts are you ?

hiya sonkie. im over in Plymstock. theres not many of us from Devon on this board so its nice to say Hi. :)

i lost my weight last year with CD. im a CDC now

hows it going with lipo? i guess you must go to HydePark and Karen must go to see Barbs

if you ever fancy a change, come over to see me :)

its good that your friends so can support each other, have you got a little bet going on with each other?

IS....diamonds..schimonds...i just KNOW i would lose one down the plughole....
( gawd i sound so ungrateful...im not..im being realsitic)

Another box has arrived by courier this morning.......i think im going to do well with lots of fab presents this year....

i think hes done all his shopping online... i could check his putor see what hes been buying........nahhhhh...better not, like u all said it would spoil the surprise....arghhhhhhhhh its driving me mad !!!!!!
You sound like me Devonbabe. Can't be doing with the earrings that I know I will lose. If I ever buy any, I try to buy 2 pairs of the same ones, so that I get a couple spare. Mad really.

I do have a diamond ring that I'm partial to. It's a beautiful diamond that was one of an earring belonging to a great aunt. She gave the lone earring to my Mother. My mum then got all the bits of gold from jewellery that my father had bought her (remaining odd earrings, a ring etc.)

She took the earring and the gold to the jewellers. They melted the gold down and made a lovely diamond ring which I inherited

Feels kinda special even to a non-girlie like me :)
Oooooooooooooo boxes arriving - how exciting! Is n't curiosity such a strange emotion??!!! Why is it we need to know???!!!

I haven't a clue what my OH has bought me - but he's chuffed with himself as he's been going around for weeks with a smug grin everytime anyone asks if he's got my pressie??!! Hope he likes his too - which may come in useful for me too ......... something you fit to your ordinary bike to make it into an exercise bike! You then take it off when you want to go off cycling the lanes! But great for cold, wet, dark evenings .... cycling away infront of the TV instead!
pmsl roffl I can just see all the cats in plymouth with slippersox, send me enough for 2 cats ......!
Maybe you should take orders...lol