ive found the stash!!


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IS....diamonds..schimonds...i just KNOW i would lose one down the plughole....
( gawd i sound so ungrateful...im not..im being realsitic)


Funny you should say that! As a week after moving into our new house the bathroom plug hole was blocked! So being rather domesticated I took off the u bend removed all the rubbish...oh YUK! and as I did something sharp was sticking in my glove. So on further investigation I found...a diamond! Well I thought it could be, although it looked rather large so I thought it was more likely a fake. So I took it to the jeweller and he valued it at £5000!!! Flipping heck I was stunned. Well I contacted the old owners and asked if they had ever lost a diamond from a ring....nope! So it must have been from the owners before that had both passed on. Anyway, I did sell it we were broke at the time but I wished I'd kept it and had it made into a ring now :(.

Anyway, back to the subjecyt of this thread NO NO NO don't take a look! I did for years but was always so disappointed at what I found or disappointed on the day.

Can't wait to hear what's in the box!!



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Carbaddict, you jammy bugger, mmmmmmm think I will go and check my "u" bends lol.
That was so lucky.