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I've gorged and now feel shocking ..HELP


Absolutely Determined!
You can get this under control if you decide right this minute that it isn't worth it! Drinks tons of water to help flush it out. you've only ruined the last 10 days if you give up now. Chin up, and keep going. You're doing great :) xxx


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As paula say:
Just forget about what has been. Get it out of your head, it`s done..
Drink the water, and don`t get on your scales for a day or two.
Your doing really well so far. x


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As everyone else says, just make sure you dont think "oh well its ruined now anyway so I'll just eat more"

Try to remember what your feeling now, the horrible feeling inside your body. Remember how disapointed you were so that next time you go to eat something you know how your going to feel so won't want to.
As paula said... Just put it behind you.....
Maybe you need to reaffirm why you want to lose weight....
Get that motivation so clear in your mind that as soon as the gremlins tell you to eat, you can immediately know whty you don't want to...
It's your time now, so don't look back... and don't get on the scales!!

Good luck with the next few days!



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Hey ..
Dont give up!!! Ok so you had a binge.. but get back on it.. IF you want to be slim then forget it .. as tomorrow is another day dont beat yourself up about it.. We are human and not perfect all the time..

Good luck and stay motivated its so worth it!!!


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just think of it as a moment of madness, now you can't start a fresh and when you think another moment of madness is about to happen just think about how you feel now, think of that slim waistline you've always wanted!!!! good luck


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I'd ask yourself why you did it. Yes forget it and move on but have a plan for what you are going to do next time you want to eat. Were you stressed? Tired? Upset?


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Yeah I'm with Coley on this: what made you do that?? Seems a bit drastic, and I think you know it's drastic given that you've used to word 'gorge'. What's up? Is all ok? Did you just have just one huge f*** it moment??

Hope you feel better soon and just try to learn from this experience xx

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