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ive just had a great lunch !!!!!!!!!!!!


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S: 14st4lb C: 12st3lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 2st1lb(14.5%)

:devilangel: Clearly you have an internal fight going on.

I know how you feel - I keep wanting to lapse but it would be a pretty pathetic thing to do on Day 4 !!!!!!!!!:p

At least you did not do it with doughnuts, chocolate, wine and a curry:eek:
I know how you feel Dalite done the same yesterday.:break_diet:

Come on now we can do this. Lets forget whats gone and move forwards.


PS If we knew why we did it we would be millionaires:cool:
dont let it get you down, you are being abstinent the majority of the time, maybe break the day down into sections and give yourself a 'pat on the back' for each bit you get through when you are having a day where you are struggling.
You can do this


Hate it but doing it!
I think i'm going to make the ladies unhappy but yes, i finally gave in and ate a couple of packets of crinkly mini cheddars yesterday that i've had in the back of the car for nearly a week now. But do you know what, i had them, i didn't have my remaining pack in the evening and i'm a damn sight happier than i was before.
What we've got to do dalite is say, ok, groovy, i've had something that i've wanted to have for a long time but do you know what i've not suddenly put on 15lbs so i'm going to put this down to a blip and move on. The worst thing we can do is suddenly say, oh bugger it, i can't do this, it's too difficult, i might as well give up.
Ok so we may not be in ketosis however we're still losing weight. So that's a massive positive dalite. You're here, you're still doing it so be positive girly, we're getting there, no one said it was going to be easy. Then again, if it was everyone was doing it then there'd be no real sense of achievement at the end.
It's happened, oh well. Be positive, believe you me if you go through my old posts you'll see i've been a massively negative person and it's only now that i'm getting through the other side.
Everyone here is great so feel free to offload at any time, i know i have and have had a stern talking to which was really needed! (Even if i did ignore their cries to throw the crisps away!!!)
Keep smiling and don't be so hard on yourself xxx
Great to hear from you WW. Who cares a toss about the crisps. Your here, your back and it sounds like you are moving on.

Good for you.;)


Hate it but doing it!
He he he, hey ladylite. Had a big chat with the hubster yesterday about whether or not i should go straight to RTM as i've been so sodding miserable, but, the crisps, ahh they saved me!!
I got called into work and i was there by myself and i thought that if i could have them without bingeing then that would be a massive step for me and i did it!! I feel a whole lot more positive about the whole thing now.
Sorry dalite, hijacked the post a bit.
Keep smiling :)

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