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ive just totally binged :(

OOOPs....well nothing you can do about it now really - well there is, but that's an even worse idea than eating them in the first place.

Maybe you need to think about the vlcd route (particularly ones that don't allow you food) - your head really needs to be in the right place or else its a really expensive waste of money.

I moved from W8 (which does allow food) after 10 weeks to Weight watchers to lose my last half stone and am finding it ok.

Be kind to yourself - no beating yourself up - it happens.

LRO xx
thank you just a little pd off with myself i have been so good all day x
LRO is right Rainbow, it happens to the best of us, KD has written a great post, it's here somewhere, I'll get a link for you..

Just put it behind you, you said you were happy etc but you have just self sabotaged, especially as it's WI night - I could never admit it before but I know now that I have been scared of getting slim and what that means.. maybe there is something under-laying for you?

Sorry if I've gone on a bit x
You just have to move on from to binge, drink your water and carry on with the plan, yes it probably has set you back a day but its done and dusted now. Back on the horse and next time resist your demons. think why you ate the food, as you mentioned it was for no reason at all. Well there is always a reason!!
thank you. yeah that post is very relevant/.... i was doing so well today :( oh well put it behind me xx

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