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ive lost the plot, how do i get it back??

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oh ive lost it, cant even see it anymore, how do you all keep so motivated and organised, you all seem to be able to put meals together out of thin air, what is wrong with me, only been doing sw 3 weeks lost 6pound and put it all back on, im getting bigger and bigger yet cant seem to stop myself eating crap and am always saying start again tommorow. Ive got friends over on saturday and they all bring different pies, cheese, meat and pot for halloween so i think right get this weekend out of the way then start but i go away on the 9th nov so now im thinking start after that, there just always sees to be a exuse all the time, even thourght weve decided not to go out news yesrs eve just to go our for a meal with the kids, so im thinking no one will see me so should i just forget it and start sfter xmas,WHAT IS UP WITH ME ARHHHHH!!!!! :cry::cry:
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I've been in this frame of mind so many times. You will feel worse if you keep putting off the diet. Get back on it asap - plenty of tips for meal ideas etc in peoples diaries and on the recipe thread. When it comes to occasions when people bring round take time to think up slimmer alternatives and if there is no possible way of getting out of eating something with a high syn value, simply enjoy yourself a little and get back to the diet afterwards. You will feel so much better when the llbs start dropping off again!


Want to do it this time!!
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Oh My! How many times have I told myself that I would start tomorrow? I'll start after my birthday, after Xmas, etc. << HUGS>>
Tbh something will always come up and stying motivated is soooooo hard. No one knows how long they can stay 100% to plan, we all just roll with it. Take it one day at a time and you'll see that the sooner you start, the sooner you'll be that much happier, confident, etc. :p

Best of luck. ;)

Scouzer. X


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It's not easy to be focused and organised..
I have to make sure I do a weekly menu from lunches, to mains even including the puddings, so I make sure I have all the stuff in the house.
If I didnt i'd just go to the shop and buy any old rubbish!

You have to plan, even if you do a few days at a time, plan your meals and lunches for work or if even if you are away for the day, plan a packed lunch.
My consultant - who is full of little gems - says you never plan to fail, you fail to plan...It is true though!!

Keep going it'll be worth it in the end

Good luck hun


Mrs V

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Ok. Yes you could put it off and make up as many excuses as you want to to decide when you are going to make the effort, or you could plan a party on Saturday with food that you know you can eat and still loose weight with. You dont have to shun parties etc just because you are loosing weight, but you dont have to think that you should have to eat rubbish just in case you are singled out either.
You have to ask yourself....do you want to be the weight you are? Are you happy being the size you are? What made you join in the first place? If you're not happy, then you know what you have to do.
I take this plan a day at a time...the one thing that keeps me going is knowing that Im making the difference to my body. For once in my life Im beginning to enjoy being me and I still have a long way to go.
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Take each day at a time, don't think of how you have syned, therefore, I've put weight on so might as well be bad. When your friends come round get out nice syn free food, & there is lots, but enjoy yourself, you are not on a diet you are changing the way you eat.

As for the holiday enjoy yourself but try & eat within the plan. It is possible, when I was away I ate within the plan but drank what I wanted & came back losing weight. Your holiday does not mean you will put weight on.

Ask yourself if you want to lose weight, if the answer is yes, well forget the past & start again today, start NOW.

Good luck you can do it you have lots of friends behind you :)

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