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Jamie oliver recipe, steak on naan bread

Someone in work has the 30 min recipe books and made this dish and said it was to die for, since he told me about it i can stop thinkin bout it! iv worked it out at 17pp per portion so quite high but nice for a treat, im makin it 2mro night yum :D iv slightly converted it to reduce points as well as I can..


Jar of patak jalfrezi paste – 100g is 9pp, im usin around 2-3 tbsp so counting this at 3pp
Low fat coconut milk – 13pp for whole tin (im using 100ml as its only for me so 3pp)
Light choices naan bread – 4pp each
Rump steak (167g) – 7pp

1 Cook steak to your liking add in peppers mushrooms or any other 0pp veg you fancy
2 Add coconut milk & paste to pot and simmer until it thickens
3 Heat naan bread to your liking serve with steak and sauce on top of naan bread, serve with large side salad

Enjoy :D
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