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Jen's Exante Diary - Goodbye wk 3 & re-focus for Wk4!!

I started on Tuesday, on day 3 now, and dare I say it, it's actually starting to get a bit easier now.

I've noticed I'm going to the loo a lot, hopefully that means something good!!

Not keen on the shakes or bars, so next batch will be soups only.

I just can't wait to see the pounds start falling off.

Last night was a bit hard at home - I walked into the kitchen and there was a positive feast on, french bread, mussels, smoked salmon, bruschetta, sausages, sun-dried tomatoes, Achovies, brownies and chocolate eclairs - I hid in my room till it was over!
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Well we're a house of foodies and cooks anyway, but my step-brother is off to Afghan at the weekend, so he was getting spoiled with his favourites!
I feel like I've got tonnes of energy today - I assume that means Ketosis has kicked in!

I'm also knitting in the evenings to stop me from thinking about food - by the time i've lost a couple of stones everyone i know will have a scarf!
I feel like I've got tonnes of energy today - I assume that means Ketosis has kicked in!

I'm also knitting in the evenings to stop me from thinking about food - by the time i've lost a couple of stones everyone i know will have a scarf!
Oooh you can knit me one too hee hee

Keep up the good work hun x
Ha ha - I think my ambitions far exceed my abilities!!

I haven't got any keto-sticks (or whatever they're called), but i haven't cheated, so i'm assuming the energy burst is ketosis!
Well done for resisting!!

Ooh, it's all so much harder at the weekend! I find it so much easier to avoid food and drink loads of water at work!!
It is definately harder at the weekend!!

How have you done?

I don't weigh in till Tuesday, but so far it looks like i've lost 11lbs since starting!!!! I've managed to stick to the plan completely (well, a small piece of baked ham acciedentally fell into my mouth, but it was literally just a mouthful, so shouldn't affect the diet).

I went for a walk this morning with my dad's partner, within 10 minutes there was light rain, within 20 minutes it was chucking it down. So our 10 mile walk was reduced to a 45 minute one, but it was still nice to get out. I think i'm going to try and get out for long walks at the weekend a bit more often, as I love it, and it's nice to be distracted from the kitchen. Must buy some appropriate wet weather gear though!
I'm almost glad to be back at work this week, I just find it so much easier to follow the plan when i'm sat at my desk!

Have worked out that i'm going to aim to stay on the diet until the middle of february, as that should have me close to being a healthy weight, and we've got a lot on in Feb. So think i'll switch to Slimming world after that point to lose the last stone at a comfortable pace.

Phew, feels easier knowing it's not that long really!!
What about christmas :) Must have christmas dinner, thats my next time off now, assuming I can keep on track :D
I'm having my work christmas dinner off (straight back on the next day), my christmas day is going to be slightly off plan - mostly meals made of the permitted foods, but then a bit extra with the odd spud or parsnip (straight back the next day!), then got a hen do at the end of January which will be a couple of low-carb foods and minimal alcohol (country cottage, so shouldn't be too hard).

So there's a few days off over the next few months, but i'm hoping to keep the damage to a minimum.
Good luck with it, you sound very focused so good on you :D

Are you not doing the AAM weeks?
1st week finished and ended with a 12lb loss.

I am so pleased!

I was trawling facebook last night for 'before' photos. i'd mostly un-tagged myself from the really awful ones, but found them and they're a real motivator to carry on. I also looked further back and reminded myself what I look like thinner - even more of a motivation!
I've survived week 2 and i'm 6lbs down!

I won't lie, it hasn't been easy, but it's not been impossible either. I have eaten on a couple of occaisions, but within the AAM options. I think knowing I can eat if I really feel like i'm going to cave, is helping to keep me on track.

I noticed that I have been moody since being on this diet, generally stomping round the office telling people innocently eating their lunches that I hate them! Fortunately I work with some lovely people, so they know I do it in jest!!

Got my work christmas do on friday, so going to have a planned day off, so got to make sure I'm 100% until then, and then get ready to start again on Saturday. I'm just hoping the damage will be limited.

I've got a wedding to go to at the end of February, and started thinking about dresses, with the intention of buying one in the sale. I looked at some dress patterns on Sunday night and fell in love with one and thought it would be better to make one nearer the time, so I can get it to fit properly. Then at work yesterday there was randomly a stall set up in reception selling fabric. I had a look and found a gorgeous black fabric, with blue roses woven through it. Turns out it's 100% silk, originally £25 a metre, and I got 3 metres for £20 - Bargain! I googled the manufacturers that were running the stall, and they're really high quality, used for the likes of Michelle Obama! So pleased!

Dress below:

Your going to make that yourself? Blimey how clever are you! Lovely dress!

Well done on your 2nd weeks loss

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