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Join me In 'The Christmas Challenge'!

Hey all!

I am new to Minimins and just 4 weeks into Slimming World (I've lost 9.5lbs :)).

I have a wedding in 3 weeks and leaving it till the last week to buy a dress as an incentive to lose as much weight as possible by then.

My main issue at the moment is that I have a broken foot so exercise isn't easy!

The main aim after that is to look and feel good at Christmas! If you feel the same way, please join me and we can do this together!

Love Emma xxx
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Excellent sounds like we are in the same boat!Except I have further to go than you!Be nice to help each other out and swap tips. I'm slowly getting the hang of SW but need to start varying foods before I get bored and fall off the wagon!Nice to hear from you!
oh can i join please i joined SW last week and lost 5lb first week yey!
I have one of my closest friends wedding november 20th and there will be loads of people from school there so want to look my best for then!
Yeh of course! I started this for people to give them an aim each week to have others to celebrate their weight loss with and most importantly support if having a tough time or if weigh in hasn't gone as desired!
I lost 6lb in first week was a great feeling!
Best thing about this as well is that I'm so busy typing I'm too busy to eat so get in touch anytime!
I have a wedding on 9th Oct, friends leaving do on 23rd Oct and another wedding 29th Oct so all of those are my aims followed by Christmas! I don't want to dread being asked to go to parties or for drinks coz I feel self concious about my weight like I did last year and do now.
Nice to meet you both
i lost 5lb on my first week which i am so happy with seen as though on friday and saturday i was at my sisters and didnt stick 100% to the plan x
Congrats on your great first loss xx
I'm more relaxed on Friday and Saturday e.g. have alcohol or a meal out (try to have something sensible though) but then I am strict through the week. I'm finding sticking to the two slices of bread a day is doing me good and I have completely cut cheese out of my diet coz having milk instead. Feeling really positive at the moment-just hope it lasts!When is your weigh in day?
Yeh definately. I've just had bacon, lettuce and cucumber sandwich with scrambled eggs for lunch followed by a muller light yoghurt. Yum yum!My weigh in tomorrow, I'll have prob put on coz of bad weekend and no weigh in last week but determined not to let it get me down and just work hard for next week.
I would love to join your christmas challenge!! I struggle so much with the xmas period and usually put on quite a bit so if I can lose lots before then it will make up for it!!! good luck with your weigh in!! x
Yey! I'm soo glad there's more people! Especially coz my friend has just asked me to be her bridesmaid VERY EXCITING! I asked when the wedding is ..... answer 27th December THIS YEAR! DAMN IT PANIC STATIONS! Even more important I lose weight now so we can all stick together and get the weight off for Xmas!
I'm obviously focusing on:
1. Bridesmaid dress!
2. Work Christmas party and looking and feeling good.
3. Unlike last year, I don't want to dread being asked out for drinks with the girls coz I feel and look fat and can't find anything to wear so stay in miserable.
4. Want to get back in to my black trousers coz I live in leggings and jeans coz nothing else fits.
5. Want to fit back in to my lovely clothes that are smaller sizes.

Feel free to note down your own targets for xmas to remind you. I feel better having got them off my chest. Nice to meet you all
Oh dear Emma!! At least you have something to focus on!!!

I do better when I have something to focus on, think I'm going to get an old pair of jeans out of the attic and hang them somewhere I see them regulary! I have a whole wardrobe up there i'm desperate to get back into!! I would just love to be able to fit back into all my old topshop jeans! I'm the same as you to- I live in leggings and jeans! be nice to be able to wear some of my black trousers again!
I'd like to be able to lose 1 and a half stone plus before xmas! Fingers crossed!! Always such a tough time of year!!

katie xx
Wow well done! Sorry I've not been on for a bit been so busy! Keep up the good work. My weigh in Thursday! My cast is off now so gonna start to add exercise into my week again in a day or two!
Lost 2lbs!Yey! Well done sticking to it! I'm having take out for friends birthday tomorrow. Not sure what we getting yet but gonna try to find out in advance so I can plan syns. No alcohol this weekend tho....I think!Keep up the good work!
well done girls! I only loss half a pound this week but have had the mother in law staying so been going out most days and having meals out! weigh in again on wednesday, dreading it!!! x