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Joined online today

hi, i have been using this forum since last year and find it invaluable, i lost 35lb on a tfr diet last year but throught unhealthy eating and no excerise i put most of it back on
i did ww years ago, and tried to join again this year, but found i kept eating over my allowed points per day,

i looked up the slimming world website and have been reading some posts on here and i'm really hoping the fact i can eat the "free foods" will keep me full and help me use weight

my problem is i dont understand the "day's" like the green day and the red day i understand the food on them, but are u supposed to do this every second day or something?

maybe some1 can give me a summeriesd way sw works ? or point me to a thread that does,

Thanks in advance, looking forward to meeting ye all
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Hi Mate

I am an online member too. I think you should leave red/green days for the time being and just concentrate on extra easy. This is the one that is talked about all over the bodyoptimise site and is the one that slimming world are promoting as their new plan. Red/Green days are more the old style which they are gradually phasing out, so you can look at them as an optional extra once you have mastered the basics.

The bodyoptimise site has all the correct information and dowloadable food lists, and you can always use the FAQs on there or ask on here if you are stuck.

Good luck, mate

great thanks a million will def look at the extra easy is it set menu's ? dont think they would suit me, i mostly eat at work dont eat at home really but i work in a family deli so i can cook or make what i like
No set menus- eat what you want from the free food lists. I know it sounds a bit unconstrained, but that's the beauty of SW.

You need to spend some time familiarising yourself with the plan and the site- it really takes a bit of reading to truly understand it.

If you cook then you're sorted- I love cooking and SW is perfect- I usually just use 'normal' recipes from my pre-SW days and just adapt them to the plan e.g. swap oil for fry-light, use very lean cuts of meat, measure things like cheese, but pasta, meat, fish, potatoes, veg, fruit, rice, and herbs and spices are all free so the potential is endless.



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EE is what it says on the tin. Go through your free food lists,eat as much as you want to feel comfortably full, have 1/3 superfree food at each meal. Snack on superfree foods first but free foods too. all you have to weigh/measure is your healthy extras and count tour syns. Simples! your syns

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