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Just a Quickie!


Starting Again!
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Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is well and sticking their 100% between now and Christmas pledge!

So here's the thing, I am going to a fabulous New Years Eve party at my friends pub in Coventry, and it's fancy dress and the theme is film.

I want something that captures my personality and something different, I've had some ideas; Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, Austin Powers, Wonder Woman, but they're not tickling my fancy, so boys and girls ideas please!!

I hope you know me well enough to hazzard a guess and no I wont be offended by anything!

Love to you all and keep smiling and slimming,

Natt xxx
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Ive been to 2 fancy dress partys this year, 1 i dressed as bat women and the other was last week and it was the 70's!

The out fit that captured me the most when i dressed up as batwomen was.......a Banana in Pyjamas!!!

Never seen it before but the costume was ace!!!


I am one of the 63336
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Oh gosh, it's that long since I've been to a fancy dress party I have no idea at all!!

How about Alice Cooper or a member of Kiss. I know they're male but they could be fun. But then again washing the make up off after may be a bind!

Or you could glam it up. Stick on some of those huge joke rubber lips and go as Angelina Jolie.

As you can see, I'm not very good at this!

They had a fancy dress day at the local college yesterday. There were loads of pirates, clowns, cats, fairys and two people wearing these:


Not suggesting that as you could almost make out what they'd had to eat for breakfast!!
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Ohhh go as Scarlet O Hara or Audrey Hepburn! Go for elegance & glamour!

Or go in a suit & a pair of sunglasses aka Blues Brothers.


Slow but sure....
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Hello Squiddie,

Good to see you on the forum again, we miss you and your wonderful posts.

It looks as if your weight loss is still going strong, well done my love.

I'm not very good at fancy dress but what about a character from the Simpsons or South Park, they are all very popular at the moment.

Whatever you decide don't forget to send us a photo on the day.

Take care, love and best wishes to you. X
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I love fancy dress!

Hmmm so much to chose from.

When I did 'movies' fancy dress, I went as Minnie Mouse, which was quite fun to do. I've seen this brilliant 'king kong hand' thing, which wraps around you, and you can be the woman in distress! haha! That's not really you though is it hun ;)

How about going as Carmen Miranda - with a big fruit display on your head, then you can munch on free fruits all night as well. Edible costume!

This is a great shop for costume ideas, even if you make your own instead of buying one Adult Fancy Dress - JOKERS MASQUERADE


Starting Again!
S: 27st9lb C: 23st12lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 50.8 Loss: 3st11lb(13.7%)
I'm liking the Carmen Miranda idea! I had a brain wave while I was out, Dylan from the magic roundabout!

Thanks for your ideas everyone, love and miss you all xxx
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I would personally go as a "Cereal Killer"
Make a box of cereal of your choice as your clothing and carry a water pistol ;)



I want to be fitter again
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Hi Squiddie, Lovely to hear from you. You will always be my dorothy from wizzard of Oz

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